Redbud Street Reconstruction to be Council Member Penn’s “Pet Project”

Forney homeowners living on Redbud Street will soon find their street and lawns strewn with construction equipment as Council Member Mary Penn moves forward with her “pet project”; the reconstruction of the sewer system and roadway on Redbud Street.

Rushing to fund a series of projects prior to the council explaining to the taxpayers how they intend on settling their $44,248,226.98 debt on the Gateway Project, Council Member’s Mary Penn, Shaun Myers and Robbie Powers have placed the Redbud Street reconstruction project on tonight’s council agenda.

Residents living on Redbud Street need only look out onto the street is see that the roadway has buckled in several places and that there are many potholes that have been patched throughout the years.

This roadway indeed needs repairing, and anyone living in this neighborhood understands that under the streets the sewer system is constructed from old outdated clay piping, that is antiquated and in dire need of repair.


However, this is a project that has now ballooned up to an almost $5 million dollar price tag, before construction has even begun, and this is a Council that has provided the citizens of Forney very few reasons to trust in their leadership, judgment or abilities to manage such a large scale project.

Residents needing to come up to speed on the magnitude of this project are encouraged to review the below related articles.

The street from Pinson to FM 740 will be ripped up and huge concrete culverts will be installed. This construction alone will take many months and in the meantime the citizens will be living in a dangerous construction zone.

There have been multiple discussions regarding how this street will be closed to through traffic, and discussions on how residents living on Redbud Street will need to “park off site” and walk to their homes throughout much of the construction period.

Redbud residents are encouraged to review the construction plans for this project closely as it seems that it is the intention of Council Member Mary Penn to ride the backs of her “Redbud Guinea Pigs” all the way to her next election.


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Written by: Denise Bell

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