Forney Council Moves forward with Redbud Reconstruction Project

Last night the Forney City Council unanimously chose to authorize Capital Improvement Projects Director Candy McQuiston to proceed

with advertising and collecting bids for the Redbud Street Roadway Reconstruction Project.

Addressing the Council, CIP Director McQuiston described the advertising and bid process required by law to award the project, and then briefly spoke of the time frame that the project would attempt to maintain.

McQuiston said “The gas line has been relocated and now we're ready to move into construction phase. So we're here tonight to ask for approval, and then if we get approval we will move forward and put together an internal team to talk about traffic control. To talk about all the phases of the project because we’re breaking it into three phases.”

Explaining she said “Then we will have a citizens outreach once we have awarded the contract to the construction company. To meet with the citizens, a public meeting, to make sure they understand, to answer questions, to help them. I watched some of the minutes from the meeting a long time ago that they had with some citizens and there were some concerns about handicapped citizens accessing their house and so forth. So we're reviewing those obstacles on EMAT to try and make sure we can accommodate the citizens and take care of that situation.”

Director McQuistion said “If we get approval tonight we’ll move forward and advertise in August. We’d like to advertise for three weeks because it is a big project. Have the bid opening in late August, award the contract and then bring it back to council in September. And then start having those public meetings in a late September, early October time frame. And then get under construction.”




McQuiston stated “Construction would possibly last about eighteen-month depending on the weather, and any other unknown circumstances of course. But that’s what we’re estimating, an eighteen-month project.”

Working closely on this project with CIP Director McQuiston, Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford stated “If I could I’d like to put Chief Townsend on the spot to talk a little bit about the public safety aspect of the project. To tell us some of the things we’ve discussed about this project.”

Stepping to the podium Forney’s longtime Fire Chief Rick Townsend stated “We had addressed this many many months ago when we first looked at the project. But it’s been adjusted somewhat now so from my aspect what we’re going to do, is tear up the whole road and redo it.”

Townsend said “Earlier we had talked about doing one side and then the other but we can’t do that anymore. So we’ve got to coordinate with the construction company and make sure we have access to the houses. Not only for fire protection but the odds are we will have somebody injured or sick at one of these residents, so we have to make sure that we can get our people to them. Get the ambulance and stretcher to them.”

Townsend said “It’s not anything that can’t be done, we’ll just have to coordinate with the construction company. As the old saying goes ‘this is not our first rodeo’. So we can protect the people. That’s going to be our first priority, to protect the citizens. So we’ll get them fire protection, ambulance protection and police protection, I have no worry about that.”


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Written by: Denise Bell

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