Kaufman County Judge-elect Richards Speaks about Growth in Kaufman County

Several weeks ago after a close run-off election, county voters selected longtime Terrell resident Hal Richards to be the next Judge to led the Kaufman County Commissioner's Court.

Graciously speaking about being elected, the duties of the Commissioner’s Court and how he views growth within Kaufman County, Hal Richards sat down for a casual on-camera interview with the new Forney Truth.

Hal Richards said “I’m the County Judge-elect; I’ll take office at ten o’clock in the morning. I’ll be sworn-in on January 1st at the Courthouse. It’s a public thing at the courthouse and anybody is invited. I’m really excited. And of course, I’m still working at my business trying to wind things down and pass the torch over to the next generation".

Describing his feelings about his recent campaign Richards said “I think anyone that has run will tell you that looking back, the best part is the contact with the people. And about how, just about the time you get really tired and you feel like you don’t know where to turn, somebody will come forward or you’ll meet somebody, and they’ll be so encouraging. It’s very inspiring and invigorating. And you know people want to help. I had a lot of really great supporters and I’m just incredibly grateful to the voters.”

While discussing the many duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner's Court, Judge-elect Richards said “I spent a lot of time explaining to people while I was campaigning. Very few people understand how the County Commissioner’s Court works and what the job of the County Judge actually is”.

Explaining he said “I’m not an attorney. The County Judge is an old term that in a lot of ways probably doesn’t apply. I mean there are a few judicial functions that the County Judge does, but basically the County Judge chairs the Commissioner’s Court. You have four Commissioner's who are elected from each precinct. We’ll have a new Commissioner this time from Precinct 4, down in the south part of the county. And that’s going to be Ken Cates.”

Richards said “My job is to be Chairman of that Board of Directors. And of course, I’ll have other executive responsibilities and a whole lot of them have to do with managing the budget with the Commissioner’s Court. And I’m excited about getting out and just visiting with people in the county. With the citizens and the taxpayers, and about finding a way to serve them".

While discussing the continuous growth in Kaufman County Richards explained, “I view the growth in Kaufman County as inevitable, a challenge and an opportunity”.

Explaining he said “First, people are coming into Kaufman County because we’re the next ring out from the Metroplex, which everybody knows is just booming with growth. So we’re the next place that is growing and that has been growing. And that’s a good thing in a lot of ways”.

Listen in on the below video of Kaufman County Judge-elect Hal Richards discussing his views on the growth within Kaufman County.

And then visit www.theforneytruth.com to view additional videos of last weeks interview with County Judge-elect Hal Richards.




Written by: Denise Bell

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