P&Z Commission Approves Hampton Inn Site Plans

On Thursday night the Forney Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved plat and site plans for the Hampton Inn that will be built just south of the Highway 80 service road and east of Regal Drive.

Addressing P&Z Commissioner's, Director of Development Peter Morgan explained “the site plan for the project was originally approved by the City Council on February 16, 2016. The site plan and preliminary plat each expired due to inactivity on the project so that is why it is once again before you.”

Morgan said “there are actually no changes to what was originally approved. The site plan is entirely unchanged and it shows the building will have a footprint of 20,140 square feet. It has 80 guest rooms and is four stories."

Detailing the project Morgan said "The four stories were approved by a Condition Use Permit approved by the City Council and that Conditional Use Permit does not have the same one year expiration that the site plans has so that permit is still active.” 

Without asking any questions, the P&Z Commission unanimously approved the preliminary plat, final plat and site plans for Hampton Inn, and it is expected that on Tuesday evening the Forney City Council will finalize the project plans.








Written by: Denise Bell

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