Forney EDC Publicly Releases Developer Agreement in Advance of Tonight’s Council Vote

During tonight’s bi-monthly meeting of the Forney City Council it is expected that the council will finalize their pay-off to the Leon Capital Group by approving the Forney Economic Development Corporation to enter into a 380 Economic Development Agreement for the development of two fast food restaurants.

Unlike two weeks ago when the City Council voted 6-1 in front of an almost empty room to pay this developer approximately $400,000 from the city's coffers, without ever conducting a public discussion

on the contract or publicly releasing the contract; the Forney EDC has chosen to publish their 380 Agreement with the  Leon Capital Group in advance of requesting council approval.

Numerous articles have revealed to the taxpayers of Forney that the Leon Capital Group purchased this property from the Forney EDC (City of Forney) several years ago.

The developer fought with the aid of Municipal Consultant Darrell Grooms to obtain TxDOT approval to construct a left turn-in lane on FM 58 very near the railroad tracks.

Now after months of “political backlash” from this developer, the only elected official against approving payment to this developer is Mayor Rick Wilson.

All six Council Member’s; Cory McGee, Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers, Kevin Moon, Mary Penn and David Johnson feel that this developer was “inconvenienced” to the point that the taxpayers owe him $600,000.00.

Forney taxpayers are encouraged to review the attached 380 Agreement between the Forney EDC and the Leon Capital Group to see that the community is merely receiving “20 employment positions on the property” in this deal. And the contract doesn’t even guarantee that any of these jobs will go to Forney residents, as other 380 Agreements have required.

These City Council Member’s and the developers who they consistently help milk the Forney taxpayer should remember; that although “the taxpayer’s of Forney can’t stop Quorum” the voters of Forney will have the last word.


The meetings of the Forney City Council are freely open to the public and available for viewing online at 


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Written by: Denise Bell

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