Grayhawk Residents Speak Out About Water Bill Issues

On Saturday morning about a dozen Grayhawk residents met poolside with City Council Member Shaun Myers in an effort to hear Myers option on why homeowners water bills have been “spiking” for the past few months.

Residents of the Grayhawk residential development live within the city limits of Forney however they are forced to purchase their water from the Markout Water Supply Corporation at a 64% higher rate than the other residents of Forney.

Over the past few years the Forney City Council has contemplated several solutions which include buying the Markout Water Supply Corporation or simply providing monthly rebate coupons to these residents to bring their water cost more comparable to all other Forney residents.

Using his own Fox Hollow home water bill as an example, Council Member Shaun Myers began by explaining how water usage is collected and calculated by Markout. He then spent time explaining how over watering the lawn, having a sprinkler system or swimming pool can contribute to high water usage.

Council Member Myers only addressed the group in this manner for a short time before one audience member addressed the elephant in the room.

Politely and honestly addressing Council Member Myers, Forney resident Ken Hill said “I will say this. As far as what you take back to the city council. This topic is an open festering sore. And we are getting more and more motivated and organized. And I don’t know if the next step is the Public Utility Commission of the State of Texas as far as Markout and Forney are concerned, because the next step is litigation.”



Explaining Hill stated “I’ve told my neighbors about sitting at a City Council meeting and listening to discussions about the possible coupon system or whatever; where we would be given money on a monthly basis so we would be parity with the rest of Forney.”

Speaking passionately about the problematic situation, Ken Hill said “I don’t know what City Council member in their right mind could vote against treating all residents of the City of Forney equally. I don’t know who in their right mind voted against it, but it didn’t pass and so nothing was ever done.”

Hill stated “So it’s simple, we can talk about it and justify it anyway we want to, but Forney makes money selling Markout water at a profit. Markout sells us water at an additional profit, and the bottom line is we are City of Forney residents. We pay city taxes, school taxes and state taxes and we continue to get screwed.”





Written by: Denise Bell

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