City Manager Violates Open Meetings Act to Keep Upcoming Bond Financing Secret

On Saturday the Forney City Council conducted a public meeting at Forney City Hall to discuss many of the issues surrounding the city's future.

Public Notice of this meeting was published outside City Hall, on the city website and within the official newspaper of the City of Forney.

The Public Notice requirement, along with all the requirements established under the Texas Open Meetings Act, are required to be followed during the meeting because a Quorum of the elected officials are in attendance, and deliberating the future use of taxpayer funds.

However at the direct instruction of new City Manager Tony Carson, the taxpayer funded Swagit recording system and the council chamber’s audio recorder has been disengaged for this meeting.

This is the second Public Meeting in which City Manager Tony Carson has chosen to conduct a Public Meeting without complying with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

The November 6, 2018 regularly scheduled meeting of the Forney City Council in which an enormous amount of taxpayer funds were approved on a variety of projects, was also not video or audio recorded at the instruction of City Manager Carson.


The taxpayer funded topics being deliberated at today’s “workshop” include:

Downtown Vision

City Hall: Fire Station: Public Works Buildings: Senior Center

Amphitheater – Potential Alcohol Sales; One day permits; Promoter

Parks Master Plan – Community Park Phase 11; North Side Park; Pinson Farm – funding

Growth Management Plan

Thoroughfare Plan: Road Projects and funding

Future Bonding and Financing Options


Within the first hour of this morning’s meeting, the council multiple times discussed different project’s that will need taxpayer approved “bond financing”.

Early morning deliberations also included the future revitalization of the downtown district, including the possible purchase of “an abandoned house on Center Street” that could be torn down so that the property could be used as a parking lot. And the reconstruction of the old Booker T. Washington school property which has been proven to contain “asbestos” within the structure.

The taxpayers of this community have the legal right to hear their elected officials debating, discussing or deliberating their future.

Because both City Manager Tony Carson and City Attorney Jon Thatcher are well aware that the taxpayers of Forney are very concerned about their city’s financial future; its offensive that these city employees are taking measures to ensure more confusion about the true intentions of these council members.

Take a good look. These are the individuals deciding Forney’s future. 

No city owned video tape.

No city owned audio tape.

No official newspaper in attendance or fact checking social media outlet willing to enlighten the taxpayers on these important discussions.

Only The Forney Post, watching, listening and reporting the continuous unethical behavior of the Forney City Council.





Written by: Denise Bell


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