Forney City Council Tries to Secretly Discuss 130 Million Dollar Bond Issue

During the Saturday afternoon session of the Forney City Council Workshop, the reason why new City Manager Tony Carson chose not to audio or video record this public meeting quickly became apparent.

The Forney Council, less Mayor Rick Wilson and Council Member Robbie Powers, conducted a full day of detailed deliberations about many of the issues facing the city, and the new city manager and city attorney went to great lengths to provide the council with as much privacy as possible to voice their opinions, objectives and directions to city staff members.

As previously reported this is the second consecutive meeting in which Forney’s new city manager Tony Carson has deliberately chosen to forgo recording of city council deliberations.

A very clear violation of the Open Meetings Act, the taxpayers of Forney may view the official agenda for this meeting and see that it only briefly categorized the issues scheduled for discussion, and it described this meetings purpose as “strictly as social gathering”.



Coffee and donuts were indeed served for breakfast and the entire group was treated to lunch at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner.

However, this was no social event.

This was a full blown, Quorum attended deliberation on how to get an estimated $130 million dollar bond package accepted by the taxpayers of Forney.

The Council spent hours discussing a multi-million dollar new park, the need for new buildings for city staff, the need for another fire station, their direction for commercial, industrial and residential growth, a city-wide thoroughfare plan and how they would go about getting the taxpayers to fund their wish list.

And City Manager Tony Carson, advised by city attorney Jon Thatcher, would like the citizens to believe this meeting was merely some type of “social gathering” that the citizens wouldn’t bother to watch on the city website if video tape was made available to them.


Because The Forney Post was the only media outlet in attendance at this meeting and the city chose not to video or audio record their council in Open Session, the published videos should easily give the voters an up close, unedited view of the elected officials who are making the decisions for their future.

Starting with the bottom line, the below videos are of Forney’s Finance Director Deborah Wortham explaining what kind of financial affect “a big bond” issue would have on the taxpayers living within the City of Forney.


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Written by: Denise Bell








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