Forney Council Wants Taxpayer Approval on Bond Issue for Park Expansion Plan

During their Saturday November 17, 2018 meeting the Forney city council extensively discussed proposing to the taxpayers a multi-million dollar bond issue for the construction of a new North Side Community Park.

Because no video or audio recording of this important conversation was captured by the City of Forney, the taxpayers are invited to listen to the presentation of Parks & Recreation Director Richard Curry that was provided the City Council, less Mayor Rick Wilson and Council Member Robbie Powers.

After listening to Director Curry describe three different park design plans, the council had a lengthy conversation about the amount of bonds that would need to be approved by the taxpayers of Forney, and a very enlightening discussion about how “non-resident user fees” would need to be implemented to provide for ongoing maintenance of these parks.

Parks Director Curry said “This goes all the way back to 2005 Parks Master Plan, a far as things to check off the list. From the 2005 Master Plan we still had baseball fields and football fields. And then moving up to the 2015 plan; we got this park land dedicated on the north side so what are we going to do with it. So you have a concept plan for that. It was part of Community Park Phase II, but it’s now turned into something else. And then, what are we going to do with Mulberry.”

Explaining Curry stated “You have three drawings and then you have a wide array of options for pricing. Those are just opinions. The architect is going to shoot a number, so I asked him to shoot us multiple versions with different things. So you’re going to see a wide range for the three different parks, if you want to do all three parks at once.”


Written by: Denise Bell




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