Sheriff Beavers Provides County Commissioners with Service Calls Report

Last week Kaufman County Sheriff Bryan Beavers provided the Commissioner’s Court with the October Sheriff Department Statistical Report, which provides area residents with details

on the many service calls and cases being handled by the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department.

Addressing the Commissioners Court, Sheriff Beavers said “On Incident Reports, as you can see we did over 881.

And we sent 467 over for investigations and cleared 150, which is a 32.1% clearance rare. And we made 133 arrests.”

Sheriff Beavers said “Our daily population was at 372 for October. I will tell you, I greatly appreciate the working the District Judges, the DA’s office and all, with the diversion (program). Gentleman, it is working with the JP’s and everything. Our numbers are dropping. I think we’ve seen about sixty people that we’re watching right now. So we are paying attention to these people that we’re putting out on bond that are low offenders. Letting them pay for that instead of letting the taxpayers pay for them while they set in jail.”

Detailing the statistics for each department, Sheriff Beavers said “We are averaging about fourteen per day, in and out of the jail. We housed one-hundred-ten inmates, and brought in $167,000. In 9-1-1, we are averaging about 300 for service per day, in about twenty-four hours, which is 12.52% per hours.”

Concluding his report Sheriff Beavers stated “Our Warrants Division is doing about 65.16% per day. Our Civil Division is running pretty decent at about 90 calls, and we’re servicing sixty-four. And the cat’s and dog’s, as you can see we picked up sixty-nine. Forty-four were cats, and we run about eighty-four hours doing that, just in the daylight hours.”


Written by: Denise Bell


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