Forney Political Activist Ray Myers Declares Himself "White Nationalist"

It appears that longtime Forney resident and political activist Ray Myers has again stuck his foot in his mouth and embarrassed the Texas Republican Party by using his personal Facebook page to declare himself a “white nationalist”.

Often rogue in his opinion of the direction that should be taken by the Texas Republican Party, Ray Myers recently captured national attention when he declared his "white nationalist" views on Facebook.

Many Kaufman County Republicans' already know that Ray Myers has a long history of supporting only candidates who project views similar to his own.

However, many City of Forney voters may not realize that Ray Myers has been a good friend and vocal supporter of Forney City Council Member Shaun Myers, who very often uses his personal Facebook page to post politically motivated, often unsubstantiated rhetoric.


Ray Myers, 74, is currently on the Republican Party of Texas permanent platform committee and he was previously a contributing delegate at the Republican Party of Texas’ state convention.

In 2018 Ray Myers assisted in writing the state party’s platform which included support for the repeal of hate-crime laws, the abolition of the refugee resettlement program and the use of English-only ballots during elections. 

Always outspoken and often controversial in his views and opinions, Ray Myers campaigned for Forney Council Member Shaun Myers during his May 2016 election with the full knowledge that the first time politician had repeatedly made numerous racial slurs on social media.

Apparently unfazed by the ugly, hateful and sometime vulgar comments made by Shaun Myers prior to his city council election, Ray Myers campaigned for candidate’s Shaun Myers and Kevin Moon by using his personal Facebook page to declare “Vote M&M. Myers and Moon are Good for Forney City Hall”. 


The Dallas County Republican Party took offense to Ray Myers' Facebook statement which was made on Thursday, November 27, 2018 at 7:29 pm.

Ray Myers wrote: “Damn Right. I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST and very Proud of it.”

The Dallas County Republican Party has requested a public apology from Ray Myers. However, clearly unwilling to apologize he has instead deleted his personal Facebook page from public view.

Ray Myers and Shaun Myers are the types of small minded politicians that give the Republican Party of Texas a black-eye.

And because “birds of a feather often flock together” political activist Ray Myers and Forney Council Member Shaun Myers will hopefully find no quarter within the Texas Republican Party in which to promote their "white nationalists" views and opinions.









Check out the below Facebook posts made by Shaun Myers shortly before the voters elected him to the Forney City Council, and clearly understand that these two birds have very similar feathers. 




Denise Bell
Forney Post Managing Editor


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