A Retrospective Look at the 2018 Decisions Made by the Forney City Council

With the New Year quickly approaching it shouldn't surprise the taxpayers of Forney to hear that much of the news reported in 2018 centered around the $55 million dollar Petro-Hunt Gateway development project.

First check out "Reflections of an Out of Control City Council" published on 01-02-2018 which reflects on the 2017 actions of the Forney City Council.

And then read through the below list of articles published in 2018 for a retrospective look at the many decisions made by the elected officials of the Forney City Council in 2018.

01-02-2018 Reflections of an Out of Control City Council


01-04-2018 Forney Police Release Video of Whataburger Armed Robbery

01-20-2018 Forney EDC Director Provides Update on Hunt Development Plans

02-02-2018 Forney P&Z Approves Apartment Complex Next to Kroger

02-04-2018 Council Plans Special Presentation to Announce More Pie-in-the-Sky Gateway Plans

02-05-2018 Update: Forney Mayor Wilson Calls for Inquiry on Recent Sale of Downtown Property

02-12-2018 Forney Council Spends Big Bucks Contracting for Interim City Manager Services

02-23-2018 Councilman Johnson Declares Redbud Street from Hell

03-01-2018 The View from the Bridge to Nowhere Will Soon Include 5,000 Apartments

03-02-2018 P & Z Commissioner’s Reluctantly Votes 6-1 to Approve Trinity Crossing

03-04-2018 Mayor Wilson Request Citizens Sign Petition to “Fight for Forney”

03-04-2018 Forney Council Will Discuss Adopting a Code of Ethics

03-09-2018 Gateway Project Already 40 Million Dollar Obligation with No Retail in Sight

03-28-2018 Hunt Developers Again Confirm that the Gateway Project Will Not Provide Retail

04-06-2018 Council TIF Board Workshop Scheduled to Review Audit Results

04-10-2018 Council Responds to McBeth Property purchase by Adopting Ethics Policy

04-15-2018 Gateway TIF Evaluation & Audit Results are Shocking

04-15-2018 Gateway Audit Confirms that Developers Wants $44,249,226.98 for Infrastructure Reimbursement

04-20-2018 Again Folding to Legal Threats Forney Council Votes 3-2 to Approve Trinity Crossing

05-01-2018 Gateway Developers Presents City of Forney with List of 12 Demands

05-02-2018 Forney Council Denies Gateway Parks Final Plat by Super Majority

05-05-2018 P & Z Commissioner Says Gateway Zoning Change is a Money Deal Pure and Simple

05-08-2018 Councilman Myers Wants to Mandate Hotel Development Requirements

05-16-2018 Unfazed by Taxpayer Concern Council Prepares to Give Leon Capital 800,000

05-21-2018 Mayor Wilson Speaks with Business Owners about Forney’s Development

06-07-2018 Forney P&Z Commission Will Hold Public Meeting Tonight to Debate Amending Gateway Zoning

06-09-2018 Hunt Developers Decline to Speak with P&Z Commission Regarding Gateway Plans

06-19-2018 Powers Knew About the 12% Interest Approved on the Gateway RIF Contract

06-19-2018 Council Plans Removal of Four P&Z Commissioners for Opposing Hunt Development Plans

06-19-2018 Forney Council to Approve EDC Project Zone that Will Allow for 800k Payment to Leon Capital

08-18-2018 Forney Council Votes 6-1 to Pay Leon Capital 600k

08-27-2018 Forney Taxpayers Welcomes Another New City Manager

09-17-2018 Terrell Gets Commercial Retail – Forney Gets Apartments

09-21-2018 Forney Council Votes 5-1 to Support More Apartments within Gateway Project

10-12-2018 P&Z Commission Support Hunts Top Secret Distribution Center in Lieu of Retail

10-17-2018 Forney Council Declares Goodyear Tire a Good Fit for Gateway Development

10-22-2018 Texas AG Forces City of Forney to Release Public Documents

11-01-2018 Forney Council Prepares to Pay Newest Gateway Project Price Tag of 54 Million

11-01-2018 TxDOT Demands Repayment of 1,386,838.57 in Unqualified Expenses on Gateway Bridge

11-04-2018 Understanding the TIF/TRIZ Board Formation and Authority

11-07-2018 Forney Council Approves 1,386,838.57 TxDOT Reimbursement Payment for Unqualified Expenses on Gateway Bridge Project

11-17-2018 City Manager Violates Open Meetings Act to Keep Upcoming Bond Financing Secret

11-18-2018 Forney City Council Tries to Secretly Discuss 130 Million Dollar Bond Issue

12-12-2018 Forney P&Z Commission Unanimously Approves Goodyear Tire Center Site Plan





Written by: Denise Bell

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