Voters Could Overturn City Leadership in Upcoming Election

Soon after the New Year arrives Forney voters will discover which of their city council members want to be re-elected in May 2019.

Throughout 2018 the Forney council has faced considerable scrutiny over several costly development deals and now these same elected officials will likely seek re-election to further promote their political careers.

The first day to submit an application for a place on the May 4, 2019 General Election Ballot is Wednesday, January 16, 2019 and it's common for Forney council candidates to wait until just before the filing deadline (Friday, February 19, 2019) to submit their council application.

Therefore, area voters should expect a considerable number of Facebook postings specifically designed to justify the many controversial decisions made by the Forney City Council in 2018.


The Mayor's chair along with council place’s 2, 4 and 6 will soon become subject to voter scrutiny, and after a year full of residential development issues and taxpayer funded managerial errors, Forney voters could easily choose to make over-all changes to their elected leadership.

Currently occupying the mayor’s chair is Republican Rick Wilson. A local business owner, Wilson was challenged for the mayor's chair by Place 5 Council Member Mary Penn after former Mayor Darren Rozell chose to withdraw from the 2015 General Election.

In May 2017 Mayor Wilson sought re-election without opposition and it is currently unknown if he will seek re-election to a third term in office.

Mayor Wilson is an outspoken advocate for “quality growth and development” within the city, and he is the only elected council member who has publicly questioned the many financial irregularities revealed within the Gateway TIF/TRIZ audit.  


City Council Places 2, 4 and 6 will also become open to election in May 2019, and because of many of the financial decisions made by these council member’s it is likely that many voters will support new candidates to replace Council Member’s Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and David Johnson. 

Place 2 Council Member Shaun Myers is without doubt the most controversial council member in the history of the Forney City Council. A first time politician who was promoted for election by the Kaufman County Tea Party, Shaun Myers was elected in May 2017 after being challenged by Forney business owner Cheryl Ballard.

The first of many insights into Myer’s character came very quickly after his election when it was revealed that he had accepted nearly $40,000 in campaign contributions from Dallas area housing and apartment developers.

A full-time Facebook blogger and unwavering supporter of all Petro-Hunt projects, Shaun Myers has spent the majority of his time in office using his social media platform to convince the citizens of Forney that residential development in lieu of retail development is financially advantageous for the city and the Forney ISD.

Campaigning jointly with Myers, Place 4 Council Member Kevin Moon was also elected in May 2017. Also endorsed by Kaufman County Tea Party Chairman Ray Myers, by personality Moon is quiet and often reserved in expressing his opinion during council meetings.

A government lending banker employed by Green Bank, unfortunately Councilman Kevin Moon has also been criticized for voting to approve several 'developer deals', including one that provided a $600,000 payment to the Leon Capital Group for the construction of a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers at the corner of US Highway 80 and FM 548.



And lastly, the Place 6 council chair currently occupied by Councilman David Johnson will come available.

Another council member who has voted approval of several developer deals, Council Member David Johnson was first elected in May 2015 after successfully campaigning against Forney resident Rick Jackson. Then in May 2017 he sought re-election and returned unopposed to the Place 6 council seat.

Before his election to the council, David Johnson was a council appointed member of the Planning and Zoning Commission who brought forth his professional background in municipal government. However during the last year he has been criticized by many of his longtime supporters for his support of Petro-Hunt plans to build thousands of apartments within the Gateway project.


It has been said that many qualified residents do not want to step forward and seek election to the Forney City Council because they fear being attacked on the social media pages controlled by Forney City Council Member Shaun Myers.

To these individuals, I say.

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: 'Forget Everything And Run' or 'Face Everything And Rise'. The choice is yours".  – Zig Ziglar.


For more information on the minimal qualifications to become an elected members of the Forney City Council visit 




Written by: Denise Bell

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