County Judge Richards Proposes Changes to Commissioner Court Meetings

Addressing the Kaufman County Commissioner’s Court on Wednesday morning County Judge Hal Richards spoke of several changes he’d like to implement regarding weekly Commissioner Court meetings.

While speaking about court meetings Judge Richards stated “Pretty much everything in here has to do with my goal of bringing information to the Commissioner’s Court well in advance of the chance for us to take action.”

Explaining he said ‘We are on a schedule where we have to basically meet every week. What I’m proposing. What I want to do is rather than have a formal meeting where we, like this meeting is, which is an action meeting. I’d like to have the meeting on the first and the third, would be a more casual setting. The only action items we’d have on that meeting would be just the things that we have to do like paying the bills and payroll and that sort of thing.”

Judge Richards said “The rest of that agenda would be focused on things that are more involved and more complex. My idea is, and I’ve talked to the county clerks’ office, about how we can just set up a conference table where the audience sits here.”

He said “I’ve talked to Laura about it about making sure it’s not going to be a problem as far as the cameras and the recording of the session goes. It will give us a chance to sit around the conference table where we can have people that are the department heads or outside people that are coming in and making presentations they will be closer to us, and it will be more casual and I think a better format for us to have more in-depth conversations ad discussions.”

Listen in as newly elected Kaufman County Judge Hal Richards speaks of proposed changes to upcoming commissioner’s court meetings.




Written by: Denise Bell



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