Kaufman County Sheriff Applies for JAG Grant to Purchase Drug Incinerator

During the January 23, 2019 meeting of the Kaufman County Commissioner’s Court, Sheriff Bryan Beavers received approval to apply for a Justice Assistance Program grant for the purchase a drug incinerator.

Addressing the Court, Sheriff Beavers explained “This is an issue we’ve been having for probably the last five years. Every agency in the state is having issues.

Carthage is about the only place in the state that has an incinerator that you can take stuff over there.

We’ve been waiting on the list about six month to get in there. And it’s over $500.00 and they charge us by the pound. And we probably, as long as we’ve been waiting, I probably have $30,000 to $40,000 worth of stuff to destroy.”

Sheriff Beavers said “So it’s just not making good sense, us sitting back here and having all this evidence that we need to get rid of. When the case is disposed of and there are no more appeals and we can dispose of it.”


Describing the situation, Sheriff Beavers said “So our best deal is going forward. This is a JAG grant. We’re going to see if we can get this passed through the Sheriff’s Department. We’ll be responsible for getting all the environmental permits and stuff for it, and we’ll run it. And I think it will save us a lot of money in the long run. Because I’m telling you that the disposal of narcotics and all the other things you do, its gets very expensive really quickly. And we can save money in the long run if we can get this funded through a JAG grant because we have a lot of evidence that needs to be destroyed plus narcotics.”

County Commissioner Mike Hunt asked “You said you take the stuff to Carthage now, and they charge for it. Can we utilize this to charge the other cities in Kaufman County?”

To which Sheriff Beavers responded, “My goal it that if the cities need some help with it, they’ll come on out and we’ll have a day of doing that. And we’ll figure out some rate of charge them to help them out.”

The Kaufman County Commissioners Court unanimously approved Sheriffs Beavers request to apply for a Justice Assistance Program JAG Grant which if awarded will pay 100% of the purchase cost of the new drug incinerator.



Written by: Denise Bell

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