Mayor Rick Wilson Issues Statement Regarding Police Incident

Citizens of Forney,

Many of you may have heard of an incident at the February 5th City Council meeting that led to council member Shaun Myers submitting a complaint against me to the Forney Police Department.

You deserve to know the circumstances under which this incident occurred. The incident occurred during a closed portion of the meeting we refer to as an Executive Session.

Because Texas law requires all City Council meetings to be open to the public, we can only go into a closed meeting under certain exceptions to the rule and we have to announce to the public the specific exception and topic to be discussed.

During our Executive Session, council members Mike Thomas and Shaun Myers took control of the closed meeting and began verbally attacking my wife over a Facebook comment. I cautioned Mr. Thomas and Mr. Myers that my wife’s Facebook comment was not a topic they could legally discuss in a closed meeting.

Neither of them had put the topic of my wife’s Facebook comment on the agenda, nor had they announced to the public that they were going to discuss her in the closed meeting.

Despite my warning that their discussion was unlawful in a closed meeting, both of these individuals persisted for several minutes in berating me with threats of using their offices to harass me and my wife with investigations over her Facebook comment.

I am very thankful to the citizens of Forney for electing me Mayor and understand that professional and respectful conduct by city leaders is what you deserve and expect.

I will not condone what has become a pattern of contempt of our state’s open meeting requirements. Accordingly, I will be forwarding a complaint to the Kaufman County District Attorney’s Office and the State of Texas Attorney General.

I will always do my best to serve the office of Mayor with honesty and integrity and sincerely regret this event happening to our City.


Mayor Rick Wilson

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