City Council Secretly Courts Golden Chick to be Forney's 6th Chicken Restaurant

Because the Forney City Council repeatedly pats itself of the back for bringing forth development projects opposed by the taxpayers, as our community approaches another very important election, it will be necessary to provide the voters with documentation intended to highlight the current city councils’ developmental direction.

Regardless of how some members of the council feel about The Forney Post, it is common knowledge that for years Post readers have been supplied with documents such as contracts, emails, invoices and letters procured through the Freedom of Information Act.

A recent release of email communications between Council Member Shaun Myers and City Manager Tony Carson has revealed that although the city manager would like it kept quiet, the City of Forney is courting Golden Chick to be Forney's sixth chicken restaurant.

On November 12, 2018 Council Member Shaun Myers emailed City Manager Tony Carson regarding the proposed project.

Councilman Myers stated “Where is the Golden Chick looking to open?”

To which City Manager Tony Carson responded “At this point it is pre-pre-development discussion. If built it would be next to Aldi. We do not want this public at this point since there has not been a definite commitment.”

Myers-Carson Golden Chick Email


Should Golden Chick build a Forney location, this will be the sixth chicken franchise located within the city limits, and the third chicken restaurant located near the FM 548 – Highway 80 intersection.

Forney residents already have a Chicken Express, Bush’s Chicken, Cowboy Chicken, Julio’s Chicken, and on Tuesday afternoon the City Council will gather to celebrate the grand opening of the new Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers located at FM 548 and Highway 80.

Represented by municipal consultant Darrell Grooms, the Forney Council provided the Leon Capital Group with $600,000 to build a Raising Cane's in Forney. And they additionally assisted the developer by approving the construction of a left-turn only lane within the very busy FM 548 Highway 80 intersection.

According to the same set of email communications, franchise businesses that have declined to open locations in Forney include In & Out Burger and HEB grocery.


Forney Council Votes 6-1 to Pay Leon Capital Over $600,000

Unfazed by Taxpayer Concern Council Prepares to Pay Leon Capital $800,000



The below video is comically dedicated to all the chicken lovers on the Forney city council.




Written by: Denise Bell



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