Forney’s Race for a New Council – Part I

Soon the taxpayers of Forney will face a big city council election and because there is a lot at stake the voters may need a detailed racing form to understand which horses are seasoned thoroughbreds and which horses are nags ridden by a jockey with a self-serving financial interest.

The candidates running in the May 4, 2019 City Council elections are:

Mayor Rick Wilson vs. Council Member Mary Penn

Place 2 – Incumbent Council Member Shaun Myers vs. Michael Lopez

Place 4 – Incumbent Council Member Kevin Moon vs. Ken Hill

Place 6 – Incumbent Council Member David Johnson vs. Dr. Reef Gullium



In order to pick a winning horse the voters should study their racing forms in a three-fold manner.


The voting record of the council members seeking re-election:

The voting records of these council members will be easy to remember because almost every council vote within the past two years has resulted in a 6-1 approval or denial.


The decisions these council member’s will make in the future:

- the finalization of the $55 million dollar Gateway TIF project which includes thousands of apartments

- the finalization of a $63 million dollar tax incentive package to provide for the doubling of the Smurfit Kappa paper plant

- the annexation of several areas of private property in order to control future development

- the proposal of a $60 million dollar bond package needed to build a north side community park

- the multi-million dollar restoration of the old Booker T. Washington school building

Who exactly are these council members and new candidates, and will they be respectable representatives of Forney:

The Forney City Charter does not require any professional or educational requirements for council members.

However due to the city’s current state of development it has become blatantly obvious that educated business professionals are severely needed to represent Forney in a respectable manner.

It is not being intrusive or unkind for the voters to seek information on the actual business and educational qualifications of their elected officials.

Racing Facts to Consider

This current council cannot get along. And all of its members have at one time or another represented Forney in an unfavorable light.

Council member’s Mike Thomas, Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers, Kevin Moon and Mary Penn hate Mayor Rick Wilson. And it appears that Mayor Rick Wilson distrust the financial motives of these council members.

Council Member Shaun Meyers, a horse seeking re-election, and Council Member Mike Thomas are currently using their Facebook blogs to manipulate public knowledge on several city projects. And it’s these two council members who regularly ridicule me, or any person who dares to oppose city projects controlled by their friend and mentor Darrell Grooms. 

New council member Mike Thomas was not elected by the voters of Forney; he was appointed two months ago by Council Member’s Shaun Myers and Mary Penn both of whom are now seeking election.

Councilman Mike Thomas is not riding a horse in this election.

However he is the first-line mouthpiece for Darrell Grooms, and he is the direct handler of candidate’s Shaun Myers and Mary Penn. So it will be Thomas who will attempt to make this election all about The Forney Post instead of about the many issues currently plaguing the taxpayers of Forney.

Councilman Thomas’s sole purpose is to bring to fruition any development willing to pay municipal consultant Darrell Grooms his required $200,000 consulting fee. Or to stall or deny the request of any developer unwilling to pay for the consulting services of Darrell Grooms Consulting.

Unfortunately for this council, the fact is that The Forney Post has been an unwavering advocate of the voters of this community since its founding in 2007.

Nothing has changed about how The Post collects its information.The Freedom of Information Act still provides me all the backbone I need to tell the voters of Forney the blatant truth.  



The horses are warming up as they walk onto the track, and the voters are skeptically reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of each pony.

The taxpayer’s are calculating the odds, and we all understand that we will need a trifecta win to overhaul this council once and for all.

So all race fans are highly encouraged to read “Forney’s Race for a New Council – Part II” for more information on this important city council election.




Denise Bell 
Forney Post Managing Editor

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