Forney’s Race for a New Council – Part II

The voters of Forney will soon have the opportunity to overhaul their city council, or to again place their trust in incumbent Mayor Rick Wilson and incumbent council member’s Mary Penn, Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and David Johnson.

After two years of watching a council that simply cannot work together, for the next five weeks the voters of Forney will be bombarded with political signs, talking points and social media postings designed to help them make an informed decision at the polls on May 4, 2019.

Competing in a true old-fashioned horse race, Mayor Rick Wilson will again be challenged by Place 5 Council Member Mary Penn, and the Place 2, 4 and 6 council member's will each be challenged by brand new candidates. 




The candidates running in the May 2019 City Council elections are:

Mayor Rick Wilson vs. Council Member Mary Penn

Place 1 – Incumbent Council Member Shaun Myers vs. Michael Lopez

Place 4 – Incumbent Council Member Kevin Moon vs. Ken Hill

Place 6 – Incumbent Council Member David Johnson vs. Dr. Reef Gullium




Time after time council member’s Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon, Mary Penn and David Johnson have refused to respectfully acknowledge the wants and opinions of the Forney taxpayers.

After one particularly heated meeting, Council Member Mary Penn had to be escorted to her car because the citizens present were absolutely outraged that they were not allowed to publicly express their opinions and objections.

During the past two years, the citizens of Forney have multiple times packed city hall to express their anger and frustration over the developmental direction currently being promoted by council member’s Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon, Mary Penn and David Johnson.

Thousands of Forney residents including those living within residential developments adjacent to the city, have watched in disgust as numerous retail and commercial developers have chosen to take their business to the nearby cities of Terrell, Rockwall and Mesquite in lieu of Forney.


Therefore, the voters have the right to understand that the lack of retail development in Forney is a direct result of this council exclusively promoting the consulting services of Darrell Grooms.

Honestly speaking, Darrell Grooms Consulting has put the financial bite on every single developer to approach the City of Forney since shortly after he left office in May of 2009.

Any developer seeking approval from the Forney City Council who does not use Grooms’ consulting services will not receive council approval, period. It’s that simple.

No developer, past or present will bother to contradict this statement because they all understand it to be true, as do dozens of Forney residents and business owners.

And comically, it is now expected that Grooms' four primary race horses (Thomas, Myers, Moon and Penn) will use their Facebook pages in an attempt to convince the public that “Grooms has the right to make a living”.


Therefore, the voters are being supplied with merely a few of the articles published on the controversial decisions made by these council members in order to refresh their memories.


- The termination and severance package of former city manager James Fisher

   "Forney Taxpayers Choke on $487,479 Politically Motivated Council Decision"


- The payment of $600,000 to Leon Capital for the construction of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

  "Forney Council Votes 6-1 to Pay Leon Capital Over $600,00"

  "Unfazed by Taxpayer Concern Council Prepares to Pay Leon Capital $800,000"


- The unexplained termination of the Markout Water Supply Maintenance Contract

  "Bowing to Special Interest Supporters Council Terminates Markout Maintenance Agreement"

  "Council Members Escorted from City Hall as Special Meeting Erupts"


- The approval of thousands of apartments for the Gateway development

  "Gateway  TIF Evaluation & Audit Results are Shocking"

  "Forney Council Prepares to Pay Newest Gateway Project Price Tag of $54 Million Dollars"

  "Council Approves $1,386,838,57 TxDOT Reimbursement Payment for Unqualified Expenditures on Gateway Bridge Project"

  "Forney Council Votes 5-1 to Support More Apartments within the Gateway Project"


- The approval of the Goodyear Tire Distribution Center

 "Forney Council Declares Goodyear Tire Center a Good Fit for Gateway Development" 


- The approval of several different residential developments and board appointments

 "Mayor Wilson Questions Grooms about His Developer Clientele"

 "Again Folding to Legal Threats Forney Council Votes 3-2 to Approve Trinity Crossing"

 "Forney Council Leaves EDC Board Intact While Removing Two P&Z Commissioner's"



The taxpayers of Forney will need to WIN BIG in order to overhaul their council and improve their city’s image and reputation, so please plan on voting early.

Early voting for the May General Election will begin on Monday, April 22, 2019.




Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor





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