Forney City Council Prepares to Force Annex Residential Property

On Tuesday night the city council again heard from lifelong Forney resident John Gibson as he requested the council not annex his family property into the city limits.

Addressing the Forney City Council during the second public hearing on the involuntary annexation, John Gibson stated “I was here a couple of weeks ago. I told you I’d be back and here I am making another appearance.

I’d still rather you voted this down, then have to enter into an agreement. But my attorney has reached out to attorney Thatcher just yesterday, I believe. So it’s possible that I could enter into an agreement but I opened my comments last time with a question that you never got around to answering.”

Gibson said “Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m in your ETJ (Extra-territorial Jurisdiction). So my question is why this piece of property? Why now?”

Responding Mayor Wilson said “It’s basically part of the growth plan that we are looking at for the city.”

This was the second legally required public hearing for the involuntary annexation process. Again the city council did not openly discuss why they are annexing in five separate parcels of private property that is located within the Forney ETJ.

The two tracts of land owned by John Gibson and Sarita K. French are located on FM 740, south of the intersection of FM 740 and FM 460.

Mayor Rick Wilson again encouraged John Gibson to have his attorney work with city attorney Jon Thatcher to resolve the matter by entering into a development agreement that is beneficial to both parties.


However as the below pictures will attest, Forney attorney Jon Thatcher and council member’s Shaun Myers and Kevin Moon immediately approached Gibson at the conclusion of the Tuesday evening council meeting.

Conducting a lengthy conversation adjacent to the media table, John Gibson stated “I just want to know why my property. I owned property in Dallas and this happened there too. But I thought better of Forney, maybe because I’m from here. So I want to know why you guy’s picked my property.”

To which Council Member Shaun Myers stated “You could sell it in the future. And it could be developed into apartments, and we wouldn’t be able to stop it.”

Clearly angry and frustrated, John Gibson said “So I could have two hundred people call you guys saying they're against this, and you’d still pass it.”

To which Council Member Kevin Moon said “I’d have to refer the calls to Mr. Thatcher because he’s the one working on the agreement with you.”


The Forney City Council will vote at their next meeting on April 16, 2019 to annex five different parcels of private property adjacent to the boundary lines of the city.

Forney taxpayers who wish to voice their opinion of these involuntary annexations may directly email city attorney Jon Thatcher at





Written by: Denise Bell

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