Council Accepts Judge Spain’s Resignation & Appoints Her Daughter to Unexpired Term

On Tuesday night the Forney city council accepted the conditional resignation of Forney Municipal Judge Margaret Spain to become effective May 1, 2019.

Addressing the council regarding Judge Spain’s resignation, city attorney Jon Thatcher explained “We have received some communication from our municipal court judge, our presiding judge, Margaret Spain. And she has indicated that she would like to consider resigning from her position, but in that case, she would like for the council to consider making an appointment for her unexpired term for her daughter Jessica Spain to be considered as a replacement for her.”

Thatcher said “The resolution that has been drafted does follow that request, if you would like to consider that. The resolution accepts the resignation effective May 1, 2019 and its makes the appointment to her daughter Jessica Spain for the unexpired term that will run through September 30, 2020.”

Addressing attorney Thatcher, Mayor Rick Wilson said “I’d like to ask if anybody else has applied for the position? Has it been offered to the public?”

To which attorney Thatcher responded “No. This is simply the request she sent in. As I stated, she would like to consider resigning but only if, at this point in time, she was able to work with her daughter through that unexpired term.”

Forney Council Member Robbie Powers made to official motion to accept judge Spain’s resignation and to appoint by proclamation judge Spain's daughter, Jessica Spain, to complete the judge’s unexpired term in office.

Council member Mary Penn seconded the motion and council member’s David Johnson, Kevin Moon, Shaun Myers and Mike Thomas all voted their approval.

Forney Mayor Rick Wilson abstained from voting, and the motion passed by majority approval.




Listen in on the below video to hear how the Forney City Council briefly discussed and then approved this unusual resignation request.



Written by: Denise Bell

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