Forney Voters Gather at Doe Belly’s to Meet New Council Candidates

On Monday evening a large group of Forney voters gathered at Doe Belly’s Catfish Café to speak with Incumbent Mayor Rick Wilson, and to meet the new candidates’ seeking election in the May 4, 2019 City Council election.

After enjoying a delicious Cajun catfish and shrimp dinner while listening to country-western singer Scott Whitaker, the voters listened as Incumbent candidate for Mayor, Rick Wilson, introduced Place 2 candidate Michael Lopez and Place 4 candidate Ken Hill.

Seeking his third term as Forney Mayor, Rick Wilson said “You know, Forney is all about family. And the future of Forney really is on a hinge pin in this election. We’ve got so much going on and so much coming our way that we really need to be making good decisions, and we need to be making them now.”

He said “That’s why I am so happy these gentlemen have come up and decided to run with me. I feel like they’re very like-minded with me and they want the same things for the community. They’ve lived in the community a long time. They have children in the community. It’s all about that. We need people that truly are about this community's government, and no special interest. And that’s what these gentlemen are all about.”

While speaking about why he chose to run for election, Place 2 candidate Michael Lopez said “This community needs a change. We need a change for the better. We need people on the council that will support the mayor, number one. We need to get people on the council that understands our vision and the vision for everybody.”

Candidate Lopez said “I’ve talked to businessmen all over the city and they tell me the same thing. One person told me that if we don’t make a change now it could affect this city for the next ten years. And if we don’t do it now, it could affect our kids and grand-kids. I’ve talked to young families in my neighborhood and they know it’s going to affect them in the future. So I want to make the change now. I want to help the community.”





Next to address the crowd, Place 4 candidate Ken Hill said “Forney is a great city. And I believe we can keep Forney with a small town character. If we get people on the council with the proper vision we can carry Forney forward into the 21st century where it should be.”

Hill said “We can address things if we had vision such as creative ways to get funding for the highways. We can stay on TxDOT along with the mayor to get the eighty situation constructed as they have promised to do. It just takes some one; it doesn’t take a brilliant person. It just takes somebody who has the love of this city. I know I speak for myself, and know I speak for the mayor automatically and I speak for Michael and I speak for Reef; because these are just business men who are willing to spend their time on the council, if elected, to carefully consider things and to get things done.”

Explaining Place 4 candidate Ken Hill stated “Part of the problem we have now, is I just honestly believe that we have a council that just waits for things to happen and then they vote re-actively. We need someone who has foresight and can attempt to address problems before they manifest themselves. Get out in front of things.”

Just before accepting questions from the voters, Mayor Wilson briefly explained the absence of Place 6 candidate Dr. Reef Gullum.

Mayor Wilson said “Reef Gullum was who I was going to introduce next but I'm sorry to say he’s not here tonight because he got called out unexpectedly over the weekend for a business trip. That’s what we do, we’re business people so it happens.”

Next Mayor Wilson and the candidates seeking election spent about forty minutes taking questions from the voters. Several very interesting topics were openly discussed including the council’s recent approval of a Goodyear Tire Distribution Center and the recent passage of the Forney Thoroughfare Plan.

The voters of Forney will be supplied a wide variety of video coverage of this political event, and all voters are highly encouraged to visit the Facebook pages of all candidates seeking election to the Forney city council.







Written by: Denise Bell

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