Candidates Speak Openly with Grayhawk Voters about City Council Issues

On Thursday evening approximately two dozen Grayhawk homeowners gathered at the swimming pool to candidly discuss many of the issues affecting Forney with Incumbent mayor Rick Wilson and Candidate’s Michael Lopez, Ken Hill and Dr. Reef Gullum.

With a very important city council election scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2019 Mayor Wilson along with Place 2 candidate Michael Lopez, Place 4 candidate Ken Hill and Place 6 candidate Dr. Reef Gullum are out in the community to speak directly with the voters about the issues affecting Forney.

After briefly introducing themselves, Incumbent mayor Rick Wilson and each of the new candidates seeking election took considerable time to answer questions about themselves and to speak with the voters about what they want for Forney’s future.

Speaking very directly, Place 4 candidate Ken Hill said “I want to stress that one thing that we’re trying to do here, as four businessmen who’ve had experience managing companies, managing people perhaps, managing projects on a large scope as an architect, a general contractor. Dr. Gullum has done some developer work and built the beautiful sub-division surrounding his house, so there is just a good range of experience here with the gentlemen that are speaking to you here this evening.”

Candidate Hill said “We are not really a team, although in a way we are. We’re not tied to one another’s aprons strings. We’re individuals who do our own thinking about things and we have got to get like-minded people on the council who can get things moving here in Forney. And I will say, that I think in the past, in some cases, some members of the council have had an ‘I don’t care attitude’.”

Agreeing Candidate Dr. Reef Gullum said “We believe a lot in mayor Wilson and in what he intends to get done. But I agree with what Ken said, we are independent thinkers. And I know that some of the competition out there wants everybody to think that somehow we’re Rick Wilson’s handy men or something like that. But that couldn’t be further from the truth."

Candidate Gullum said “We do agree on what’s right for the community. We do agree on a lot. But what’s difference about us is that we’re different in everything we do each day. And I think we've proven, at least to our peers, that we have the ability to work well with people.”

The voters at this gathering were very open and honest in providing their opinions of the member's of the city council, as well as about what they’d like to see in the City of Forney’s future.

There was a lengthy discussion about TxDOT and traffic issues within the FM 548 – Highway 80 intersection, as well as a very interesting conversation about the social media blogging of several council members.

Because The Forney Post was the only media outlet at this gathering a large selection of videos tapes captured during this two hour candidate's reception will be supplied the voters of Forney.






Written by: Denise Bell

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