Kaufman County Tax Appraiser Makes Errors on Thousands of Property Appraisals

Thousands of taxpayers across Kaufman County, including Forney Mayor Rick Wilson, have received their 2019 Property Tax Appraisal invoice and many are beyond furious at the manner in which their taxes were calculated.

Because he is seeking re-election, Mayor Rick Wilson has become the target of two Facebook pages administered by political blogging Council Member’s Shaun Myers and Mike Thomas. Both of these individuals are incorrectly and maliciously accusing Mayor Wilson of getting some type of an unfair tax break on the property he owns adjacent to the Highway 80 service road in Forney.

Responding to very short notice, approximately three dozen taxpayers drove through a down pour of rain on Wednesday night to speak with Mayor Wilson, and to hear about what he has discovered to be the cause of the county's massive tax calculation error.



It should be clearly stated that all taxpayers of Kaufman County, including all the members of the Forney City Council, were welcome to attend this meeting.

The taxpayers of Forney, as well as thousands across Kaufman County, are very upset by this latest raise in their property taxes. Therefore all the members of the Forney council should have been willing to attend this meeting and be open to assisting Forney taxpayers in whatever manner possible.

This meeting was broadcast live via the Facebook page of Mayor Rick Wilson, and it has been estimated that over 4,500 taxpayers watched the broadcast live.

The voters of Forney are encouraged to watch the below videos of the meeting and those that will be published on The Forney Post Facebook page in order to fully understand the depth of this erroneous property tax increase.






Written by: Denise Bell

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