Forney City Council Denies Banking Services Contract

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council denied “a contract for depository banking services with American National Bank for a period of three (3) years with the option for two (2) consecutive one (1) year extensions”.

Declining to even hear the presentation of Finance Director Deborah Woodham, the Council officially denied a staff request to enter into a contract with American National Bank for banking services, and instead sent Director Woodham back to the drawing board with specific instructions to rewrite the proposal to include all three banks in town.

This exact same action item was placed on the councils January 5, 2016 meeting agenda by Director Woodham at the instruction of former City Manager Brian Brooks. At that time it was tabled in order to allow staff time to investigate any possible conflict of interests especially considering that Council Member Scott Regan's wife is employed at American National Bank in Forney.


During the January 5th meeting Mayor Pro-tem Ray Stephens made motion to table the item for further research and he was seconded by Council Member Mary Penn. The motion passed unanimously by a vote of 7 to 0.

Now at the Tuesday night January 19, 2016 meeting, just a few moments after the council voted 6-1 to accept the resignation of City Manager Brian Brooks, Mayor Pro-tem Ray Stephens was exceptionally clear in his denial motion for the contract. 

Immediately after Mayor Wilson introduced the item for discussion, Stephens made motion to have the item be denied as written. He stated “Mayor Wilson, I make a motion that we deny this item and the reason is because of the way it’s been presented, and for it to be brought back before Council written differently.”

Clarifying Stephens request, Mayor Wilson stated “Okay, we have a motion to disapprove this item and to have it be brought back amended to include what?”

Mayor Pro-tem Stephens amended to motion by stating “To include all three banks.”

Council Member David Johnson immediately seconded the motion. Mayor Wilson and Council Members Penn, McGee, Johnson and Stephens agreed and voted to deny to item and have it rewritten to include all three banks within the bid proposal process.


Council Member Scott Regan abstained from voting and Council Member Robbie Powers was the lone vote in favor of passing the item as written. 

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