Luminant Responds to City of Forney Agreement

Luminant is pleased with this new industrial district agreement that’s consistent with our company’s legacy of being a good partner with the communities where our power plants call home.

Although we believe the previous agreement signed in 2014 was legally valid, we listened to the city’s concerns and reasons for seeking annexation of Forney Power Plant.

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Kaufman County Receives New A+ Stable Bond Rating

On Wednesday afternoon the Kaufman County Commissioner’s Court received some very good news when it was announced that the new Standard and Poor’s Bond rating for Kaufman County was affirmed as “A-Plus stable.”

Reportedly the upcoming sell of $26,000,000 in Kaufman County Transportation bonds will occur next Monday, August 22, 2016, and the sale will be finalized

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Forney City Council Settles with Luminant for 5.1 Million Dollars

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council announced a negotiated settlement with Luminant in which the city will receive $5,160,000.00 dollars by February 1, 2017. 

For several months, Mayor Rick Wilson and Council Member’s Ray Stephens and Scott Regan have represented the city in ongoing negotiations that became necessary after former city manager Brian Brooks and former attorney Kent Hofmeister entered into a contact with the conglomerate energy company without council approval.

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FEDC Selects Kile Properties as Commercial Realtor

On Thursday night the Forney EDC Board of Directors discussed and then voted to hire a commercial realtor to assist with the sale of EDC owned property at the corner of Chestnut and Main Streets.

Addressing the EDC Board of Directors, Director Warren Ketteman said “Just so the Board knows, Stuart took the lead on this one. We have property that the EDC owns that you’re aware of, at Main and Chestnut, its diagonal from Booker T. Washington School.

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Stephens Request Cell Phone Policy to Prevent Council Members from Texting During Meetings

At their last meeting, in response to Interim City Manager Charles Daniels bi-monthly report, Mayor Pro-tem Ray Stephens made a very specific request to add policy regarding electronic recording devices and cell phones, to the councils adopted rules and procedures.

Mayor Pro-tem Ray Stephens requested, “For future meetings, I don’t need to get a second from another council member just for you to hear what I have to say.

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Senator Hall Details Plan to Improve Road Funding in Texas

On Thursday the Forney Chamber of Commerce held their August membership luncheon at which Keynote Speaker, Texas Senator Bob Hall, enlightened the business organization on his economic plan to improve Texas roadway funding.

Representing District 2, Senator Hall stated “I have a plan I’ve put together for changing how we fund roads. Transportation funding has gone lacking in Texas. And I’ll point to what I call the Rick brother’s, Rick Williamson and Rick Perry. They came up with a plan to go with Private Equity Funding for our roads which has resulted in all the Toll Roads around in state instead of indexing the gas taxes and the road taxes and actually funding transportation. Which is a core government function that should be funded, they let that go lacking.”

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Council Denies Approval of Water Tower Lease Agreement

Last week the Forney City Council denied a staff request to enter into a ten year leasing agreement that would have allowed 3 Rooms Communications, a small independent Internet provider, to exclusively lease space on each of Forney’s water towers for a mere $150.00 per month.

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Council Challenges TxDOT Traffic Analysis of FM 548 Intersection

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council declined to give their approval on site plans submitted for a Raising Cane’s restaurant which is proposed to be built at FM 548 and US Highway 80, very near the railroad tracks.

Extremely concerned for the safety of the thousands of Forney residents who travel through this intersection each day, Mayor Rick Wilson and Council Member’s Ray Stephens, Cory McGee and Scott Regan thoroughly explained to Raising Cain's representatives their multiple objections to the restaurants site plans, as well as to the Traffic Impact Analysis provided the developer by the Texas Department of Public Transportation (TxDOT).

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