Forney Council Denies One Year Extension for Lakewood Trails Development

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council extensively reviewed each of the Consent Items listed on their official agenda and after little discussion denied Consent Item #3, a one year extension for approval on the preliminary plat for the Lakewood Trails development.

This housing development is proposed to be located south of F.M. 741 and west of High Country Lane and is one of many developments.

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Council Denies Final Plat for Lucky Three Forney Crossing

At their Tuesday evening meeting, several Forney Council Member’s stood up for the dozens of area residents who are adamantly against the development of another strip shopping center to be located very near the rail road tracks at FM 548 and FM 1641.

Highly disputed by the citizens disgusted with the high amount of traffic within this area of Forney, the City Council finally took a stand and voted to deny approval of the final plat for the Lucky Three Forney Crossing shopping center in spite of legal threats made by property owner and local developer, Tim Ollivette.

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Council Explodes with Authority over Consent Agenda Items

Holding a three hour meeting on Tuesday night, the Forney City Council exploded with authority as they openly projected a change in attitude as it pertains to granting their final consent to projects for which they still have concerns.

The days of backroom, hushed up development deals are finally over and last night several members of the council openly expressed their right and desire to comprehensively understand any and all business before them, prior to voting their consent.

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Redbud Road Repairs Bust Budget by Nearly a Million

At the last meeting of the Forney city council, Director of Public Works Chris Metz aided by Finance Director Deborah Woodham spent a considerable amount of time explaining why road repairs to Redbud Street are now expected to bust the projects budget by almost a million dollars.

The request before the Council was to transfer $358,264.00 from the CIP Fund balance to the Redbud Roadway repair project to accommodate a financial shortfall on a road repair project that hasn’t even begun yet.

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City Council Adopts New Comprehensive Plan

After more than a year of deliberation, last week the Forney City Council unanimously voted to approve the city’s new comprehensive plan. Addressing the Council, Director of Development Peter Morgan explained that the Comprehensive Plan is akin to a city development guide.

Director Morgan stated “The Comprehensive Plan is intended to assist the long term physical development and growth for the next five to ten years. The previous City of Forney Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2008 and city staff has worked for over a year on this Comprehensive Plan.”

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