Council Unanimously Disapproves Variance for Beer Store in Downtown Forney

Last week well over a hundred Forney residents packed City Hall for at least the third time in three months to express their opinions on the future of Forney. With a critical council election on the horizon, a proposed beer store in downtown was not a popular idea and many residents had no problem expressing themselves to the Forney City Council.

Facing a standing room only crowd, Mayor Rick Wilson opened the meeting to a required Public Hearing needed to discuss and consider a variance requested by local business owner, Rita Dispain.

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Council to Discuss Adding "In God We Trust" Decals to All City Vehicles

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council will discuss several important action items during their bi-monthly meeting however none is more important than showing support for the Forney Police Department by displaying the community's collective religious belief.

Council Member’s Ray Stephens and Scott Regan have requested the Council consider approving a Resolution authorizing the use of the motto “In God We Trust” on all city owned vehicles, and reportedly a large majority of Forney residents support the idea.

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Three Truths about the Price of Standing Up

What kind of price do we, as Americans, pay when we stand up? What price have I paid and will I pay, to tell the voters of Forney what they have the right to know.

As many people in my life can confirm, the price has already been high for me personally and because it will get higher still, I pray daily, sometimes hourly, for the protection of the First Amendment and then I simply tell the truth.

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City of Forney Applies for TxDOT Turn Back Program

On March 15, 2016 City of Forney Director of Public Works, Chris Metz alongside Economic Development Director Warren Ketteman tag team addressed the Council about possibly taking back form the Texas Department of Public Transportation a small portion of FM 741 south.

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As Usual the Voters will be the Judge

The citizens of Forney are now in a place where they must judge their municipal government more critically than ever before.

They have a changing city government, a council that is ultimately only concerned with covering their own political backsides and a city manager who doesn’t have a clue what has been transpiring within Forney City Hall for the past decade.

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Councilman Stephens Questions Housing Development Across from Grayhawk

Last week approximately a dozen residents of the Grayhawk housing development located on south F.M. 548 attended the bi-monthly meeting of the Forney City Council to listen in on a brief workshop conducted between the Council and developers, WinJackson.

Proposing to build a large housing development directly opposite from Grayhawk on F M 548 south, Councilman Ray Stephens objected to the possible increase in traffic this development might create, almost before developer's could finish their slide presentation.

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City Manager Daniels Proceeds with Nullifying NextEra Energy Contract

It has been confirmed that City of Forney City Manager, Charles Daniels, has officially notified NextEra Resource, LLC, the competitive energy subsidiary of NextEra Energy, that city attorney’s Bell-Nunnally have found sufficient reason to request nullification of the contract negotiated with the conglomerate energy company.

A lengthy, legally diverse contract in which former City Manager Brain Brooks provides NextEra Energy with an approximate $10 million dollar tax discount over a ten year period, it has finally been confirmed that this contract will be “re-negotiated so that it will be more financially advantageous” to all parties concerned.”

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New City Attorney Releases Thousands of Unredacted Public Records

Always political, on January 5, 2016 Council Member’s Ray Stephens and Robbie Powers spearheaded their desire to hire San Antonio based attorney, Mick McKamie as the city’s Attorney of Record.

Politically flip-flopping, Councilman Stephens first recommended the hiring of attorney’s Bell-Nunnally on December 15, 2015 after the council agreed to discontinue the legal services of longtime city attorneys Brown & Hofmeister.

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Forney Council Pays Brooks a Lump Sum Severance Payment

Sixty days after his voluntarily resignation, the members of the Forney City Council have paid former City Manager Brian Brooks a lump sum payment of $183,702.84 in severance pay.

Even after being supplied substantial proof of Brooks’ unprofessional, unethical and often criminally suspect behavior, Council Member’s Mary Penn, Robbie Powers, Scott Regan and Ray Stephens are once again supporting Brooks to the detriment of the community they swore to serve.

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Forney Council Folds to Threat by Local Developer

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council folded against the legal threat of local developer, Tim Ouellette, and voted 6-1 to approve the Shoppes at Forney Crossing, which is a small strip shopping center that will be built between the railroad crossing and the F.M. 548 traffic light.

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