Mayor Wilson Welcomes Smiles Charity Recipient Sgt Michael Beeson to Forney

On Sunday afternoon a large crowd of Veteran supporters joined the Smiles Charity foundation for a home dedication ceremony for U.S. Army Retired Sgt. Michael Beeson who is the honored recipient of a beautiful new home located at 3000 Sweet Water in Forney. A large group of dignitaries including Forney Mayor Rick Wilson, McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller, Collin County Judge Keith Self, Kaufman County Judge Bruce Wood and Keynote Speaker, US Congressman John Ratcliffe

gathered in the living area of the new Centurion American home to welcome the Beeson family to Forney, as well as to personally thank Sgt. Beeson for his service to America.

After Colors were posted by Forney Boy Scout Troop 339, the National Anthem was emotionally sung by Melissa Zaia and followed by a heartfelt Innovation delivered by Historian Portrait Artisit Colin Kimball, Keynote Speaker Congressman John Ratcliffe was first to the address the crowd. 

Speaking briefly, Congressman John Ratcliffe said “I’m thrilled to be here today for such a wonderful event for just the best of causes. I want to thank Judge Self for the invitation to be here today. To be part of this event, to be here with other leaders, like Judge Wood and Mayor Loughmiller, Mayor Terry and Mayor Wilson who are serving like I am, constituents in this area.”

Congressman Ratcliffe said “Sgt. Beeson, I’d like to thank you for your journey and your sacrifice’s, they are certainly appreciated. Everyone here owes you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid, although this is a great effort in trying to repay you. And I will tell you, that your ongoing effort to give back to others and to help others, having seen what you have already gone through, honors everyone that didn’t have the opportunity to come back. I think that's why the Smile Charity selected you, just one of the reasons, they selected you to be the recipient of this home.”

Stepping up to welcome the Beeson family to Forney, Mayor Rick Wilson said “As far as the City of Forney goes, we couldn’t be prouder than to be here with this group today. What has been accomplished by the Smiles Charity, we compliment you for that, and for working with the cities and representatives to bring this to Forney. It’s a huge opportunity for us.”


Mayor Wilson said “We couldn’t be more grateful to the Beeson family for picking us as the place they want to live. We feel like we’re the recipients because we’ve got a man of integrity and honor whose chose to come to Forney. For us that’s the moral character of our community; people like Sgt. Beeson. And finally, like everyone here, we want to thank you for your service to our country.”

After Smiles Charity Founder Dr. Jennifer Buchanan thanked the many generous sponsors, including Centurion American, Siena Homes, Crest and an army of volunteer workers, an obviously emotional Sgt. Michael Beeson stepped to the podium to address his many supporters.

Sgt. Beeson said “I’d like to say thank you to all of you for being here. I’m kind of an emotional guy so if I get choked up, you’ll have to forgive me. Congressman Ratcliffe, Judges, Mayors, all of you. Volunteer’s especially. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family.”

Sgt. Beeson said “When I first got home, I though what do I do now. I felt like I had been ripped away from everything I knew. And it took a long time and meeting so many people, like every one of you standing here today, to remind me that just because I don’t wear a uniform anymore doesn’t mean that I’m no longer useful. It doesn’t mean that I can’t do something.”

Retired Sgt. Michael Beeson joined the Army in 2003 and was deployed to Iraq in 2009. Excelling at his duties as a Route Clearance Trooper, Beeson ensured safe passage of military personnel by clearing all un-exploded ordinances (UXO’s).

One night as he slept, his living quarters were hit by a mortar fired by insurgents. Due to his injuries, Sgt. Beeson returned to the United States where unfortunately he may soon be in a wheel chair.

Sgt. Beeson lives with his wife of twelve years, Roxanne and their two children. He has become a motivational speaker and minister dedicated to helping others overcome life trials.


Listen below as Sgt. Beeson details his journey home, and talks about how “his family has never been stronger than it is today.”






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