After Years of Planning the Spellman Museum of History Officially Opens

On Saturday morning the Forney Historic Preservation League held the Grand Opening of the Spellman Museum of History in downtown Forney and about a hundred supporters immensely enjoyed themselves as several years of hard work culminated in a beautiful, education driven museum.

FHPL Board President Charles Beason accompanied by Vice-President George Venner addressed the large group of guests and thanked many of the individuals responsible of seeing the museum to fruition after many years of planning, designing and funding dedicated to preserving of the history of Forney and Kaufman County.

Addressing the crowd, FHPL Board Vice-President George Venner said “How we got to this grand opening involved many decisions needed to make this museum as place of interest and education for students, Forney citizens and tourists who we will receive as visitors.”


Many of Forney’s founding families were present for the opening of the museum which began with some lively old time music performed by the Vanderveer Brother String Band which was throughly enjoyed by the senior citizens attending.

Scheduled to open at eleven o’clock, everyone gathered in front of the entrance to be part of ceremoniously cutting the ribbon beore excitedly filing inside to see the new beautifully decorated museum of history.

The FHPL Board of Director's; Charles Beason, George Venner, Andy Parker, Don Themer, Sharon Bowen, Tracy Drane, Em Miller, Donna Hervey and Margaret Tull along with Museum Manager Kendall Milton did a fabulous job bringing Forney, Texas to life within the Spellman Museum of History.

The Spellman Museum of History is a very interesting, historicaly accurate, learning experience in its depiction of Forney; from its frontier days through the early nineteenth century. 



The Spellman Museum of History will be open on Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Tuesday and Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Admission is free however donations are graciously accepted.

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