Forney Florist Explains How the Floral Industry is Being Affected by Internet Scammers

On Thursday afternoon the members of the Forney Chamber of Commerce were enlightened on how the Internet is affecting the local florist business by Kim Franklin, the owner of Kim’s Creations Flowers & Gifts.

Scheduled as the five minute speaker at the Chambers monthly luncheon, Kim Franklin explained how local florists are having difficulty competing against “fake websites” which represent themselves as local businesses.

Franklin said, “I’m Kim Franklin with Kim’s Creations, my husband Randy and I, own it. It’s a full service florist shop located right off I-20 and Helms Trail, where we have fresh flowers. All of the center pieces here today are a little sample of what we have. We do weddings and funerals and we deliver to all of the towns surrounding Forney. And of course, we have worldwide service if you need something to go out of town, or out of state, we can do that too.”

She said “And the one point, that I don’t know if any of you know, a lot of people don’t know, unless you’re in the floral industry. The biggest competitors for florists are online. I call them fake websites. They are overseas. They are located overseas, so if you were to pull up ‘Forney florist’ today, these would all come up as your very first picks. And that’s because Google allows them to do that.”

Explaining the situation, Kim Franklin said “There is no way a local florist can compete with that. But if you order from them, they keep a huge portion of your money before they actually send it to a wire service which is like Teleflora, FTD or 1-800 Flowers. Because they allow them to be part of that, then they take their portion, then the remaining portion of money goes to an actual florist who builds it.”

She said “So if you place a $100 order you are probably going to get a $40 or $50 order by the time everybody takes their cut. Then you’re upset because you think you didn’t get what you ordered and you think the florist didn’t deliver correctly but they actually did."

Concluding Franklin said “So I encourage everyone to buy locally. Call directly so that 100% of your money goes towards it. I am proud to say we are very competitive with our pricing. I constantly Google all the surrounding towns and areas to make sure our pricing is lower. So we give you good quality and good pricing and we are located in Forney.”



Intrigued by Kim Franklins description of how fake website advertisements are affecting the two florists currently operating shops in Forney, I visited Kim’s Creations Flowers & Gifts on Thursday afternoon to view the business behind the website.

Moving to Forney four years ago, Kim and Randy Franklin purchased a home on the corner of Windy Land and Antelope Way, just one block from Helms Trail and a few blocks from I-20.

Sitting down roots and working as a team, the Franklin's established Kim’s Creations Flowers and Gifts while simultaneously purchasing and renovating the old First Presbyterian Church located in historic downtown Forney.

Both extremely hard working individuals, the Franklins arrived in town with specific dreams in mind, and now the couple has made a big investement in their community. 

Kim’s dream was to open a flower shop after being in the floral industry for over twenty years, and Randy’s dream was to establish a community inspired, non-denominational church.

Supporting his wife’s dream, Randy, who is a minister not a home builder, totally converted the homes detached garage and storage space into a fully operational florist shop.

And now that Kim’s Creations Flowers and Gifts is gaining a steady stream of customers, the florist shop is providing for the establishment of Randy’s dream. Which very recently came to fruition with the opening of Soul’s Refuge Church located at 413 South Bois d’Arc in downtown Forney.

Kim’s Creations Flowers & Gifts is located at 10010 Antelope Way in Forney, Texas. Customers are invited to call Kim directly at 972-357-7687, or view Kim’s flowers by accessing the shops website at



Written by: Denise Bell 


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