Forney ISD Excited to Hire Acclaimed Choral Music Director

During the Chamber of Commerce December Luncheon, Forney ISD Fine Arts Director Mario Luna was excited to introduce Forney’s new middle school choir director, Sam Brukhman.

Addressing a room full of Chamber member’s after the Brown Middle School Advanced Ladies Choir Christmas performance, Director Luna said “This is Sam’s first year here and he was actually featured in the Dallas Morning News today. He leads a professional adult choir that I’ll let him tell you about.”

Sam Brukhman said “So it’s a professional choir in Dallas that kind of looks to innovate the way we present choral music. So essentially what we do is we use modern instruments technology, unconventional performances spaces and creative concept programming to tell a specific story.”

He said “So for example, during our first concert in October, it was called “Becoming Alive: A Musical Narration of the Velveteen Rabbit”. What we did was, we had a narrator his name is Kent Williams. And those of you that have ever heard of the cartoon called “Dragon Ball Z” perhaps know that he was one of the major voice actors for that. We actually had him do a live reading while we intertwined the story with synthesizers, improvisation and choral music.”

Brukhman said “It’s a really, really interesting project and I encourage you to take a look at us. Our website is”

Excited to welcome Director Brukhman to the FISD, Director Mario Luna said “That link is also on the Forney ISD Fine Arts web page. And like I said, this is his first year here. When he came in for an interview, I was just like ‘we’ve got to get him somehow’. And now he’s here.



Written by: Denise Bell

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