Forney Messenger Owner’s Sell Newspaper to Darrell Grooms

After providing news to the citizens of Forney for decades, it has been confirmed that The Forney Messenger has been sold to former City of Forney Mayor Darrell Grooms.

For the past few months, in response to the extended illness of Forney Messenger Editor Cary Griffin talk has been high regarding the future of the small town newspaper which is hailed as the official newspaper of the Forney City Council.

Many Forney business owners have been aware of the fact that Darrell Grooms has been pressuring his longtime friends, Judy and Cary Griffin, to sell him their newspaper, and to allow him to pay them for the purchase of the business through an installment agreement.

The price tag to purchase The Messenger building and the small print newspaper totaled $250,000.00.

Apparently the transaction will be comprised from two sales contracts. The building was appraised at $150,000. and a sales contract with Grooms for the building purchase is still pending its official close at Ranger Title. 

However, the purchase of the newspaper was completed through a sales agreement that requires Grooms to pay the sale price of $100,000.00 in installment payments, over the next seven years.

Because Darrell Grooms could not obtain bank financing to purchase the business, the Griffin’s long time accountant and investment adviser Rich Smith of Smith Financial in Forney had offered to purchase the newspaper.

However, on Wednesday when Judy and Cary Griffin arrived to finalize the sale with Smith, they were informed that he had changed his mind about purchasing the paper and instead Smith advised the Griffins to sell the newspaper to Grooms.

At this point it is unclear if Darrell Grooms intends to join The Forney Post in reporting on the activities of the Forney City Council.





Written by: Denise Bell

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