An Exciting Message from The Forney Post

Hey Forney, this is Denise Bell coming to you from the heart of The Forney Post with a super exciting message.

Today is a happy day for me. It’s the day I get to dedicate my newest website to all the “fish in the pond” that have loyally supported me over all these years.

So, what is ?

Well, it’s not a newspaper.

It’s a six page video and picture only website designed to highlight all the wonderful things about Forney, and about all of North Texas.

The Truth is that the City of Forney is full of wonderful people, churches, businesses, non-profit organizations. 

Forney’s a great place to raise a family.  And like many growing cities, our city has its issues.

So The Forney Post will continue providing the taxpayers with all they need to know about what’s happening in Forney.  That will never change.


So bear with us as we turn on all the bells and whistles at

Enjoy the videos and pictures.  Respectfully leave us your comments.

Eventually, hopefully The Forney Truth will begin accepting video submissions because the truth is that videos and pictures speak louder than written words ever could.


Feeling my age, no one say’s it better than Louis Armstrong.

Come visit me at


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