Canton First Monday Trade Days Hold a Cherished Place in Texas History

Ignoring the heat, visitors in the thousands again enjoyed the stores and vendors gathered at Canton First Monday Trade Day's over the past weekend.

A traditional activity for many area families, Canton First Monday Trade Day’s consistently draws throngs of visitors to the giant indoor-outdoor flea market located about forty miles east of Forney.

Dating back to 1850, Canton First Monday Trade Days originated from a time when the circuit judge would stop in Canton on the first Monday of each month to hold court.

Over the years area families traditionally came to town on the first Monday to conduct their business and to buy or barter for groceries.

Many of the families brought homemade goods, produce and livestock to sell or trade, and to this day there are still hundreds of vendors who sell all manner of homemade foods and crafts.

Although the market has suffered from three very destructive fires in the span of the last decade, it has done little to keep away the many area residents who love to shop at the gigantic indoor-outdoor flea market.

The sunshine, the people, the awesome food courts of which there are several. The shops of all kinds, and of course all the bits and pieces for sale that scream Texas; make Canton First Monday Trade Days a truly cherished part of Texas history. 






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Written by: Denise Bell


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