Thousands of Harry Potter Fans Attend LeakyCon Dallas Convention

The 9th annual unofficial Harry Potter fan convention “LeakyCon” was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas over the weekend and thousands of fans really enjoyed this years’ convention which was produced by Mischief Management.

The biggest Harry Potter fan convention ever held, LeakyCon attracted an estimated 18,000 visitors and provided nearly 300 hours of original programming from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast film series.

Series actors Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Devon Murray, Chris Rankin and Stanislav Lanevski patiently answered questions regarding the Harry Potter universe for fans who had traveled to the convention from all over the United States.

After LeakyCon tickets sold out in less than 24 hours, thousands of dedicated fans traveled to Dallas to enjoy the three day convention which has become an annual ritual for many Harry Potter fans.

The LeakyCon Marketplace offered a large variety of goodies from hats and cloaks to potions and jewelry. And numerous local authors were inside the marketplace with their books, signing each book purchased.

LeakyCon moderators held panel discussions on topics ranging from LGBTQ in the wizard world, to the Pros and Cons of Dumbledore, to Fans over 30 and many of the panel room discussions stayed consistently full with people waiting outside to get in.



This fan led convention was very family friendly and included ample amounts of children’s programming. Friendship bracelet crafts, wand crafts, storytelling and Harry Potter Pictionary were just a few of the interactive gems this convention provided.

Many of the parents attended commented on the general merriment of the convention, and many did not feel it was inappropriate for the children to be around. Numerous families attending had enjoyed creating family costumes to wear to the event and many clearly appreciated the common rooms which were set up, one for each house in the series, for parents to take their children to rest and color. Common Room visitors could play games, color, read, or just spend time away from the mass crowds.

The LeckyCon Cos-play Contest had more than 60 entries in which the top three winners all had spent well over two months each hand crafting their costumes.

Luna Lovegood was a particularly favorite character to dress up as this year, and multiple Lion headdresses were seen donning the heads of blonde haired ladies wandering the halls of the convention.

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of LeakyCon, next year Mischief Management will host two LeakyCon conventions in Dallas. Vendors interested in participating in this very fun convention should visit for registration information.




To view additional photographs of this very special event visit Don't Blink Photography


Written by: Kristen Lucus-Smith




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