Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gives Free Concert to Honor 9/11 Victims and First Responders

On Tuesday evening the Dallas Parks and Recreation department joined forces with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to present a free concert in recognition of the 17th anniversary of the tragedy that befell America on September 11, 2001.

Honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11 and the courageous acts of numerous first responders and American citizens, this concert was initially scheduled to be held in Crawford Memorial Park however due to rainy weather it was moved into the auditorium at A+ Secondary School located on Masters Road.

Colors were first presented and then Dallas Symphony Orchestra Conductor Andres’ Franco opened the concert by introducing District 5 Dallas City Council Member Rick Callahan.

Council Member Rick Callahan was bestowed the honor of conducting the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as they played “Washington Post March” composed by John Philip Sousa.

Speaking about the Dallas Symphony Orchestra before the conducting the piece, Council Member Callahan stated “I’ve had the honor to go down and kind of practice with them, I say that loosely because I’m the one that needs the practice, I think. It’s a joy. These folks are really nationally if not world renowned. And every summer they play in Val Colorado. They have a kind of vacation home there in the summer. They’re very accomplished.”

Council Member Callahan said “If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to the Morton Meyerson to see them, what a great facility number one. This is really and truly a Dallas treasure that we have. And we’re so blessed that District 5 in southern Dallas gets to have that.”





Having recently completed his debut season with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Andres’ Franco next stepped up to led a program full of beautifully performed, powerfully delivered American music.

Conductor Franco is a native of Columbia who is dedicated to preserving and performing the music of the Americas. As Principal Conductor of Caminos del Inka, Franco has led many performances of works by Latin American composers including Jimmy Lopez, Diego Luzuriaga and Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla.

Speaking about his love for American music, Conductor Franco said “Music helps us express ourselves but it also helps communities heal and it helps community grieve. Its helps communities come together. And of course as we perform this concert that is filled with fun music, I know that we are still thinking that today is 9/11. Today is a very significant day and that is why the music helps come together in remembrance of the horrific act that happened.”

Conductor Franco said “One of the first things that happened in congress on that day, is that everyone got together and started singing patriotic songs. It was one of the ways the country started coming together and moving forward to try and make sense of what had happened. So I always find that patriotic music, especially the songs that we all know, is very powerful. So the next piece we are going to play is “America the Beautiful”, which is one of my favorite pieces of American music.”





Written by: Denise Bell


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