FHS “Winter Extravaganza” Concert is a Smash Hit

The Forney High School Band and Choirs recently presented a unique “Winter Extravaganza” concert that by any standard should be rated a straight-up smash hit.

A first time collaborative effort of all the musical talent currently at Forney High School, Friday night’s opening performance delivered a beautifully choreographed Christmas concert

that was uniquely captivating for the families attending.

The concert began as the entire FHS Chamber choir solemnly lined up within the aisles of the Forney High School Performing Arts Theater, and boldly began singing the opening Christmas song as they walked to their places on stage.

The concert hall was decorated with lights and greenery, and throughout the concert several off stage areas were used for spot-light performances by the horns and percussion sections of the Forney High Band.

Several outstanding performances were delivered including a wonderful rendition of the "Linus and Lucy" Christmas Song performed by the Ladies and Men’s Choirs, and a lovely performance of “All I Want for Christmas” played by the FHS Band.

Also a special debut performance by the new FHS Black Jacks Swing Orchestra delivered a really fun and upbeat rendition of “Rudolph of the Red Nose Reindeer” that was enthusiastically received by the audience.

The children attending the concert were also delighted with the appearance of Santa Claus who appeared as the Ladies Choir sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

Santa was jolly and fun and took time to take pictures with the children during intermission, and then later he invited them on stage for the reading of a Christmas story.

The Forney High School “Winter Extravaganza” will give a second concert on Saturday night December 15, 2018, and then their third and final performance on Sunday evening December 16, 2018.






Written by: Denise Bell

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