Loving Pup Finds Forever Home after Nine Months at Shelter

The Forney Animal Shelter takes in hundreds of animals each year, however little did we know that one such arrival on May 15, 2018 would have such an impact on the shelter and our volunteers.

On that day we welcomed Artemis, along with her sister to the shelter. While her sister was adopted, Artemis stayed and would soon surprise us all with the birth of a single puppy. After months of nurturing the puppy, it too was adopted, and Artemis remained at the shelter in search of her forever home.

Artemis had spent so much time at the shelter, that she would eventually learn how to open the kennel and shelter doors, of which we did not find amusing. She was a great companion with all the dogs and would not only welcome them but see them off as they too were adopted by loving families.

As the months went by, staff continued its efforts to either find Artemis a home near Forney or with a rescue group, which can take up to several months. On February 9th (after almost 9 months at the shelter), Artemis began a cross-country journey from Forney to Pearland, then to Arkansas and finally Wisconsin in search of a new home.

We are excited to announce that Artemis has finally found a home and living her best life! Without the help from our volunteers, especially Amanda Lewis, we aren’t sure if Artemis would’ve ever found a home. Thank you volunteers!

For more information about all of the animals we have for adoption at the shelter, please visit https://www.cityofforney.org/603/Animal-Adoptions.

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