First Baptist Church Parishioners Gather for Cross Dedication

With a full moon descending and a bright sun on the horizon, it was a gorgeous morning to witness the finalization of the new Worship Center at First Baptist Church in Forney.

Recognizing the significance of Good Friday, approximately three dozen FBC parishioners gathered to watch the permanent placement of a 17 foot, 10 x 10 steel painted cross, within the church’s entrance way garden.

Standing in the chilly morning air, First Baptist Church Senior Pastor Dr. Jimmy D. Pritchard briefly addressed the crowd just minutes after the sun began rising over the church.

Pastor Pritchard stated “Thank all of you for coming out tonight, today this morning. The moon is setting and the sun in rising at the same time. This cross is kind of a center piece. We want to remind ourselves that the cross is the center of everything we do, so man it’s great that people will drive by and pull in the parking lot and the first thing they’ll see is this cross. It’s an exciting time to put this up. And we appreciate Rick Wilson, and his group. They have donated that, and put it up for us, so thank you.”


Leading the group in prayer Pastor Pritchard said “Father, we are grateful for this day. We are thankful for what you are continuing to do in our church. Lord, we place this cross here just as a reminder and symbolic reality that all that we do is attached to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The tall, strong, beautifully crafted cross was hand-crafted by Forney mayor Rick Wilson, and donated to First Baptist Church Forney by the family of Rick and Sandra Wilson.

Having had an early career as a brick-layer, a welder and a residential and commercial developer, Rick Wilson also hand-crafted the beautiful cross that hangs within the lobby of Fellowship Baptist Church in Forney.








Written by: Denise Bell




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