Lightening Strikes Damage One of Forney's Oldest Neighborhoods

During the Sunday June 9, 2019 storm, lightening struck a home and a very large tree located on Carl C. Senter in one of Forney's oldest neighborhoods.

At the height of the storm which reported wind gusts up to 70 mph winds, one of the original trees located on Carl C. Senter was stuck by a bolt of lightening that split the tree almost completely in half.

Almost simultaneously, a house located just doors away was also struck by lightening.

Reportedly the home filled with smoke although it did not catch fire. And unfortunately, the homeowner had to replace all their indoor appliances.

On Tuesday morning a team of professional tree cutters arrived and sadly the canopied,tree lined view of Carl C. Senter was quickly changed.




Area homeowners affected by the recent storms who need tree or brush removal services should contact Express Tree Trimming at 214-680-2447.

Extremely prompt, professional and reasonably priced, this team of tree cutters arrived fifteen minutes before schedule. They put on safety gear, put out traffic cones, and in just under three hours they cut down and cleared away two very large trees.

Check out the below videos. The tree struck by lightening was taken down in sections due to its size and position. And the second tree which had been damaged in a 2018 spring storm, was roped up and taken down with one cut to the base of the tree. 










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