Galveston Oilman Sentenced to 18 Years for Defrauding Investors

Daniel Christopher Walsh, a Galveston oilman who made money by keeping investor funds in his pockets – not in the ground, drilling wells –was sentenced to 18 years in state prison on July 12 after reaching a plea agreement in his fraud trial in Wichita County. 

Walsh pleaded guilty to money laundering on July 10 in the 30th District Court, where he had been indicted on first-degree felony charges of theft, money laundering, and securing execution of a document by deception.

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New Facial Reconstruction for Jane Doe 1966

More than 50 years ago, a young woman drowned in a motel pool, her identity still remains a mystery. Now the Pecos Police Department is working with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to release a new facial reconstruction showing what the woman looked like while she was alive.

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Texas Oilman Concealing Bankruptcies Fraud and Sanctions

In soliciting Texans for investments in oil wells promising annualized returns of up to 70%, Michael E. Patman of Woodland Resources LLC is touting his decades of earning profits for investors through oil and gas drilling programs.

Patman’s public record, however, shows a gusher of debt and a long trail of misleading investors.

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FTC Announces New Crackdown on Illegal Robocalls

Attorney General Ken Paxton, in cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission, recently announced a major crackdown on illegal robocalls, including nearly 100 actions targeting operations around the country responsible for more than one billion calls – pitching everything from fraudulent credit card services to auto warranty protection.

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