BBB Investigation Reveals 159 Consumer Complaints Against Waco Online Retailer

Following the holiday season, All Things Country, LLC, a small family-owned business out of Waco, Texas has become the primary focus of a BBB investigation.

All Things Country, LLC’s website,, offers a variety of western themed merchandise for sale and an “About Us” page that tells the story of how the young owner started the company and its growing success since its inception on Facebook in 2013.

On the surface, there’s nothing that would lead you to question the legitimacy of the business. However, within the last 3 years, All Things Country, LLC has received 447 complaints from consumers in 46 states and Canada. Over half of these were received within the last 12 months.

The majority of consumer complaints allege never receiving the merchandise they paid for.

Communications with All Things Country came to a halt beginning in 2017. Within the last year, letters, phone calls, and consumer complaints have gone unanswered. Currently, 159 consumer complaints have yet to receive a response from the business.

Due to the company’s unresponsiveness and growing number of complaints, BBB shopped the company.

On October 3, 2017, BBB placed an order for a Camo Leather Realtree Wallet for a total of $43.30. A confirmation email was promptly received with the statement

“Your order will be processed and shipped out within 6-10 business days.”

It wasn’t until December 1, 2017, nearly two months after placing the order, that BBB received an email update stating, “your item has been shipped.” Several days later, BBB received a purple plastic package from All Things Country. However, BBB immediately noticed that the contents inside the package did not feel like a wallet.

After more than two months of waiting, All Things Country sent the wrong item. Instead of the $43 camo leather wallet, BBB received a $20 Bronze and Silver 12 Gauge Shotgun Stretch Bracelet with a tag labeled “Costume Jewelry Made in China”.

BBB attempted to contact the business, once again, to request a full refund and to request a statement regarding BBB’s press release. The phone number listed on the All Things Country website is no longer a working number.

All the while, All Things Country appears to continue operations and taking orders and monies from consumers across North America.

Consumers who have not received products or a refund from All Things Country should consider disputing the charge with their credit card companies.

BBB serving the Heart of Texas offers these tips for safe online shopping for the holidays and all year long:

• Check a site’s security settings. If the site is secure, its URL (web address) should start with “https://” and include a lock icon on the purchase or shopping cart page.

• Think before your click. Be especially cautious about email solicitations and online ads on social media sites. Many sketchy retailers advertise great deals or trendy clothing that don’t measure up to the promotional hype.

• Beware of phishing. Phishing emails can look like a message from a well-known brand, but clicking on unfamiliar links can place you at risk for malware and/or identity theft. One popular scam claims to be from a package-delivery company with links to “tracking information” on an order you don’t remember making. Don’t click!

• Shop with a credit card. In case of a fraudulent transaction, a credit card provides additional protections; it’s easier to dispute charges that you didn’t approve. Debit cards, prepaid cards or gift cards don’t have the same protections as a credit card.

• Keep documentation of your order. Save a copy of the confirmation page or email confirmation until you receive the item and are satisfied. Be sure to know and understand the return policy and keep this documented with your purchase records.

For more than 100 years, Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. In 2016, people turned to BBB more than 167 million times for BBB Business Profiles on more than 5.2 million businesses and Charity Reports on 11,000 charities, all available for free at

There are local, independent BBBs across the United States, Canada and Mexico, including BBB serving the Heart of Texas, which serves 105 counties and has offices in Austin, Bryan, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Midland, San Antonio and Waco.

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