RTC Approves $25.6 Million East Bear Creek Road Expansion

The Regional Transportation Council on Thursday approved $15.46 million in federal funding toward the reconstruction and widening of a two-mile stretch of East Bear Creek Road in Glenn Heights from two lanes to four lanes with sidewalks.

The $25.6 million project is part of round two of a strategic partnerships program funded through a combination of local, State and federal funds.

The RTC-approved federal funding will come through a combination of the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement Program and the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program.

This project, which includes the stretch of East Bear Creek Road between South Hampton Road and Interstate Highway 35E, also involves multiple partners contributing more than the standard 20 percent project match. For the road’s expansion, the Texas Department of Transportation, the City of Glenn Heights and Dallas County will contribute approximately 40 percent of the funding.

The expansion will also include bicycle-pedestrian facilities built adjacent to the road and intersection improvements.

Mayor Leon Payton Tate said he is grateful to TxDOT, the RTC and Dallas County for their invaluable partnership on this exciting city-changing infrastructure project.

Mayor Tate stated, "East Bear Creek Road is a major gateway into our City; expanding this road from two to four lanes will serve as an economic catalyst that will provide amenities, and the quality of life our citizens expect as the City of Glenn Heights turns 50 years old next year.”

Mayor Pro Tem Tony Bradley said, “Increased capacity for vehicles is important as our city grows, and constructing a bicycle-pedestrian trail alongside East Bear Creek Road is equally important as we continue to improve the transportation and recreational options within the City of Glenn Heights.”

The engineering phase of the project is scheduled to commence in fiscal year 2019. Construction of the project is slated to begin in FY 2022.

In all, the RTC approved almost $50 million in federal funding for seven projects as part of the strategic partnerships initiative. Combined with local and state funding, the projects are worth an estimated $72 million.

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