Dallas Neighborhood Park Gets Revitalized after Vandals Destroy Playground

The children living near Bitter Creek Park in southeast Dallas finally have a new playground to enjoy after a Community Development Block Grant was used to fund new equipment.

A few years ago vandals destroyed the playground located at Bitter Creek Park in southeast Dallas

and on Saturday morning neighbors living near the park were excited to witness an official ribbon cutting ceremony in dedication of a new playground.

One of the City of Dallas’ two-hundred neighborhood parks, Bitter Creek Park is adjacent to an older neighborhood that is full of children who have been without a safe playground for several years ago.

A Community Development Block Grant funded the new playground and Park and Recreation Planning, Design, and Facility Services employees developed the playground's design and provided construction and installation of the new equipment.

Excited for the playground to finally open, Dallas Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Louise Elam said “About three years ago this playground was vandalized but it didn’t deter the Parks Board and the District 5 Council Member trying to get it replaced. Plans were developed to restore the playground and provide updated equipment for the children in the neighborhood. And today you see the results from their determination.”

Explaining Elam said “A few months ago I got an email from Yolanda Williams the Parks Board Member from District 5, and she said can you find funding for this playground replacement. And low and behold, shortly thereafter we found out there was some CDBG money, Community Development Block Grant money, so we were able to use that money for the equipment replacement.”


Also addressing the small crowd of neighbors, District 5 Council Secretary Julie Alexander said “Councilman Callahan is on a well-deserved vacation in New Orleans but he is sorry he couldn’t be here because getting a new park is so exciting and he’s happy that it’s going into this community. And Yolanda, she fights for district 5 and we are so excited that she is our parks board person. Because she does, she fights for what is needed for this community, which makes us extremely grateful.”

The 22.6 acre Bitter Creek Park is located along Woodgreen Drive in the Pleasant Grove section of Dallas. Providing beautiful green grass, a recently stocked pond that is home to about a dozen shy ducks, this park was established in 1974.

Listen in as Dallas Parks Board Member Yolanda Williams speaks about the revitalization efforts of this park and others in this area before she joins in the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the parks new playground.




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