Mary Crowley Cancer Research Announces New Executive Medical Director

The Board of Mary Crowley Cancer Research is delighted to announce the appointment of Ashley E. Ross, M.D., PhD, as Executive Medical Director.

Dr. Ross brings a strong research background and outstanding leadership skills to direct Mary Crowley's patient care and research initiatives.

He joins Mary Crowley from Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was Associate Professor of Urology and Oncology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Director of Johns Hopkins Urology Prostate Cancer Program and Chief Medical Advisor of GenomeDx Biosciences.

Mary Crowley's CEO Mike Reese, M.D., said, "Dr. Ashely Ross is a very accomplished surgeon, molecular biologist and physician. More importantly, he is a true leader and exactly the person we need as our Executive Medical Director." Dr. Ross replied, ""Mary Crowley Cancer Research is a very special place. We think about each patient as a man or woman on a path toward life extension and more meaningful years. Over the next several years our goal is to raise awareness, improve accessibility to clinical trials and advance scientific discovery."

Dr. Ross has led research efforts in basic science, translational and clinical arenas and published over 130 original articles, editorials and book chapters. He has been recognized with numerous awards and honors, including the Johns Hopkins Clinical Scientist Award, Department of Defense Prostate Cancer PTRA Award and the Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Award.

Mary Crowley Cancer Research is an independent, nonprofit oncology center that expands treatment options for cancer patients through personalized, investigational gene and immune therapies.

Because of the unique independent status of MCCR, the scientific team: 1) is singularly focused to offer trials based on the scientific merit of personalized medicine; aligning patients to therapies designed to attack the molecular signals driving their particular cancer 2) has developed a well-respected center adept at conducting many clinical trials at once and 3) emphasizes a partnership with each patient's primary oncologist.

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