Fair Park Children’s Aquarium Offers Really Cool Hands-on Educational Experience

Many State Fair of Texas visitors will enjoy the unusual foods and the over-the-top amusement games and rides located on the Super Midway, however anyone seeking out a really cool educational experience should take the time to visit the Dallas Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park.

Located adjacent to the new Children’s Boardwalk, the Dallas Children’s Aquarium has undergone a revitalizing makeover within the past few years that has expertly incorporated several hands-on educational experiences including a large pool that contains dozens of Cownose Stingrays accompanied by a beautiful live Mermaid.

For a nominal fee aquarium guests can experience feeding dozens of large and small Cownose Stingrays that literally swim right to the edge of the pool to eat from human hands.

Also located at the rear of the aquarium adjacent to the Stingray exhibit is a large open aquarium with an overhead walkway that is home to three large sharks; a Black Tip Shark, a Zebra Shark and a Bonnethead Shark. Aquarium guests are obviously not allowed to feed the sharks, however they are big, beautiful and the above water walkway allows for a wonderful view of these magnificent creatures.





The Dallas Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park also contains a very cool Moray Eel exhibit, an Electric eel, a huge Moon Jellyfish tank, a rare Rhino Iguana and countless beautiful exotic fresh and salt water fish.

For more information on the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park visit www.childrensaquariumfairpark.org



Written by: Denise Bell



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