DAS Exceeds 90% Live Release Rate in December

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) hit a major milestone in December by achieving a 91.3% live release rate for the month, the highest in the shelter’s history. This achievement did not come at the cost of public safety; DAS also reported the highest number of loose dog intakes in its history – reaching 2,114.

“We are thrilled to have surpassed our goal thanks to the help of City Council, our dedicated staff, rescue partners, adopters, fosters, and volunteers,” said Ed Jamison, Director, Dallas Animal Services. “But this does not mean that we are in the clear. We anticipate our intake to continue to increase throughout 2019 and we need even more help from our community to continue saving as many lives as possible.”

December’s live release rate is up from 87.7% in December 2017. This is an especially important victory for cats, whose live release rate is up 10% over the same period last year. Field intake is also up, increasing from 1,482 in December 2017 to 2,267 last month – an increase of 53%.

This success was a community effort, achieved thanks to a 208% increase in fosters, 144% increase in return to owners, 27% increase in adoptions and 8% increase in rescue pulls.

“Our priority is to responsibly save as many lives as possible,” said Jamison. “We refuse to increase live release rate at the expense of public safety, animal quality of life or health; that wouldn’t be a victory for the animals or the community.”

In November, DAS announced its Dallas90 community outreach campaign, designed to engage Dallas residents in the shelter’s lifesaving efforts. The campaign encourages volunteerism, fostering, adoption, community partnerships, and emphasizes community education. DAS currently has the fourth largest dog and cat intake in the country and with the help of Dallas90, strives to be the largest animal shelter to sustain a live release of over 90%.

“We believe this is the first of many victories for Dallas90,” said Jamison. “We don’t believe this 90% live release rate is sustainable yet. But, it can be very soon if enough people get involved.”

Dallas residents can make a lifesaving impact by becoming involved with the shelter as a foster, volunteer, or adopter. They can find out more information at www.dallasanimalservices.org.

“We want residents to see that DAS is a resource to the community, and a hopeful place where we think outside the box to responsibly save lives,” said Jamison. “We know that once residents see the amazing things that are happening here, they’ll want to be a part of the effort.”

DAS ends the year with an average live release rate of 82%, up from 77% in 2017.

Dallas Animal Services' mission is to help Dallas be a safe, compassionate, and healthy place for people and animals. We work to control the loose animal population as well as increasing the positive outcomes for homeless animals in the city. Our work in the community supports our strategic pillars:

1. Performance Transparency
2. Increasing Positive Outcomes for Animals
3. Community Partnerships
4. Education

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